Social security is an important social protection program which aims to offer social protection to the citizens. The social protection includes protection from poverty, disability, unemployment, old age and many other things. Social security may take many forms which are listed below.

Social Insurance

Under this, people are entitled to receive benefits in recognition to their contribution to an insurance scheme. The scheme generally covers retirement pensions, unemployment insurance, survivor benefits and disability insurance.

Income maintenance

It includes distribution of cash in the event of disruption in employment.


Different kinds of services are provided by the authority responsible for social security. The nature of these services varies in different countries. It may include medical care and various aspects of social work.

Social Security Benefits

Applying for these benefits may seem like a tortuous task, but it would indeed be very handful once you start receiving your checks.

How Much Will You Receive?

In the United States of America, the benefits amount to nearly 40% of the earnings of a person to live on post retirement. So it is very important to calculate the amount that you would receive through check every month, this is possible only when you have done your Retirement Planning. Below here we list below some factors which are linked to social security benefits.

How long you worked?

In the US, one needs to work for at least ten years to become eligible to receive this benefit.

When you’d like to receive benefits?

You may begin to avail this benefit at the age of 62 or you may wait till 65. But, if you apply to receive this benefit from 62, the amount will be less than if you wait till your age reaches 65.

How much you paid to Social Security in taxes?

During the time of employment, the more you paid in taxes, the more you would receive as benefits.

When Should You Apply?

It takes nearly three months to complete the paper work and go through the process. So if you want to avail the benefit from once you reach the age of 62, you shouls apply three months before you turn 62 years. Keep this in mind while Applying for social security benefits. You can also apply online.

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