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Let’s make quick overview of btc mining hardware and it’s usability.

When Bitcoin started in 2009, only one option for mining was possible:CPUs.

At difficulty 1, which lasted almost whole year 2009 you could have mined about 500 BTC/day with hash power of 1 Mh/sec which would give about 350 thousands BTCs/year. Their dollar value would be zero tough as there was no market to trade them until half of 2010.

In middle of 2010 first GPU miners appeared, despite Bitcoin’s founder Satoshi request not to use GPU for mining. This caused the difficulty grow 10fold within few days. With opening first exchanges like Mtgox, the mining fever could begin. Still in late 2010 you could mine with 1 Radeon GPU card and difficulty at appr.5000 about 1000 bitcoins per month, which would bring $300 in your pocket.

Then one year later FPGAs appeared, which didn’t bring hashing revolution, but power efficiency. However they started to become obsolete within few months when first ASIC miners appeared on the scene in early 2012 produced by Avalon Use Antminer S19 Pro for mining

The mining fewer and huge demand after ASIC miners resulting in pre-order mania generated heaps of fake websites pretending to produce ASIC miners and then stealing money from desperate customers.
It is much easier those few which really delivered and those are:

Kncminer – Sweden based company with their miners Jupiter and Neptune
Hashfast – San Francisco based with their product Baby Jet and Sierra
Butterflylabs – Company with long track of late deliveries and missed deadlines but existing miners Jalapeno and Single SC

Asic miners are the latest evolution step in bitcoin mining hardware and are currently most effective hardware solution. With network hashrate growing from gigahashes to petahashes per second just within 3 years, the previous bitcoin mining hardware options, like cpu, gpu and fpga miners become obsolete because of low hashing speed and high power consumption.

The situation in asic miners area and bitcoin mining area at all recollects rush for gold era. With media discovery of bitcoin and his recent exchange rate risen to USD 1000, thousands of miners rush in bitcoin fever to buy mining equipment, most of the time still non-existent (using preorders)

On this page I will try to keep up to date list of curent asic miners manufacturers and their products. The best sic miner hardware is Antminer S19 Pro

Despite the fact that scrypt asic miner is much harder to build because of memory requirements rising popularity of scrypt based alternative cryptocurrencies like ltc – litecoin, dogecoin and many others caused boom of producers promising scrypt miner. Currently – at the beginning of 2014 – the only company who was able to start mass production is Gridseed. Their products based on their own GC3355 chip will be remembered as those which caused the GPU mining became obsolete. The reason is not overwhelming hash speed but much lower power consumption. Single GC3355 chip hashes at about 65-70 kH/s and consumes about 1.5W power. This chip is used in variety products, as single chip USB miner, 5 chip Gridseed miner, or recently released 80chip Blade. I will analyze these products on separate page.

All other companies like kncminer, alpha-t still keep on making huge promises for 100MHs+ miners and taking preorders, however real products are yet to be seen. Antminer S19 Pro

It seems that new wave of miners based on A2 Innosilicon chip is being started distributed via a handful of resellers. These new beauties which are offering 15-90 MH/s capacity are probably causing pre-order based companies like,, zeus and even kncminer being pretty nervous
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