The Food and Drug Administration has been ordered by federal court to further investigate the damaging effects of wide spread use of antibiotics in animal feed on humans. Antibiotic abuse has caused alarming rates of antibiotic-resistant bacteria also known as super bugs.

Farming groups, drug makers, members of Congress and aggressive lobbyists have allowed past judgments and orders to remain idle and untouched for more than three decades. It has been argued that the drugs are needed for animals to be healthy in such barbaric and inhumane living conditions.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has concluded the use of antibiotics in our poultry and livestock causes antibiotic-resistant bacteria to flourish since 1977. No action has been taken since.

Recently, Judge Theodore Katz is requiring the FDA to withdraw two of the most common antibiotics that is mixed in the feed of animals. The judge sided with four consumer safety and advocacy groups to enforce the three decade old ruling.

The attorney for the Natural Resources Defense Council stated that we need to ensure and preserve justice. Ironically the ruling will not take immediate effect. The court is required to give the antibiotic dealing drug companies a chance to respond in a public hearing.

It is estimated that 80 percent of antibiotics are used by farm animals in the United States. The loose dealing hand of the drug companies and farmers are not just for sick animals. The antibiotics are mixed into their grain to trigger additional growth to speed them to slaughter.

Spoon Feeding Antibiotics

One of the major problems is the impact on the environment. Antibiotics and their residue chemicals can run off into lakes, rivers, streams and contaminate entire eco-systems. The drug run-off “biotics” then find themselves in the fish, chicken, beef and other commonly consumed food items. Inadvertently you are feeding your children antibiotics that can create an array of health conditions such as ear infections, allergies, asthma and immune system disorders.

The surge in toxic accumulation is creating a new era of spectrum conditions in children, autoimmune diseases, heart disease, diabetes and even cancer. The known damaging effects of antibiotics is creating disease, bankrupting families and causing our youngest generation to perish from conditions that were never heard of 20 years ago.

Toxic Relief

The human body is absolutely amazing. The body is designed to respond to the toxic stressors in our environment and not produce dis-ease. The recent onslaught of chemicals in our environment, toxic homes and work areas, cleaning products, personal care items and our diets can accumulate over time and overwhelm the body’s response.

The addition of toxic antibiotics in our food supply is an added chemical stress on the body. The side effects and the diseases that it has caused is due to the inability of the body to handle it naturally.

Where’s The Beef?

One of the most important action steps is to ensure you know where you are getting your meats from. A label stating that it is “farm raised” or “grass fed” may not be enough. Find a local source of healthy, non-infested meat that you can be rest assured that you are not poisoning your body.

Exercise is an important detoxification mechanism of the body. If you are not exercising, you are likely toxic. Exercise improves circulation, reduces toxin storage in fat cells, builds lean muscle, facilitates digestion / excretion and most importantly balances the neurology of the body.

Other nutritional advice includes:

Eat more vegetables

Eat more lean and clean meat

Eat more nuts and seeds

Eat healthier fats

Drink more water

Author's Bio: 

Cory Couillard is an international healthcare speaker and writer for numerous newspapers, magazines, websites and publications around the world. In 2011 he received a prestigious Humanitarian Award for his tireless work while living in Africa. He communicates to millions of people weekly.