Got the heebie-jeebies from too much happening while you’re making other plans?

Or is your brain fried from figuring out how to rob Peter to pay Paul?

Or is your blood boiling from family squabbling?

Or do you just have the plain old blues?

Well, you can do something about it. YOU control what you allow into your mind.

Want more joy? Then choose it! Here’s how:

1. Feel the emotion that’s inside you as strongly as you can. For example, are you angry? Then FEEL that anger – stronger, stronger. But here’s the trick: do not think about what caused it. Just feel the emotion. Let your mind go to the feeling in your gut or your head but don’t give space in your mind to the thought of what caused you to feel that way.
2. Lie down (it’s okay to sit or stand if you prefer) for one minute of deep breathing.
3. Put your hand on your tummy. Inhale, fill your tummy with air and watch your hand rise as you take a good deep breath. Then exhale completely and feel your hand lower.
4. When you’re inhaling, tell yourself that Love and Joy are coming into your body. Feel your cells waking up. Then exhale Love and Joy out to the world. That’s it! Just do this for one minute.

“It’s as natural as breathing,” is a common expression and we take about 20,000 breaths a day so it may seem silly to give instructions for breathing – even deep breathing. But sometimes we think we’re taking a deep breath and instead we do the exact opposite: we suck in our belly and raise our shoulders.

Keep in mind that deep breathing is not recommended for people suffering from “panic disorder” or “agoraphobia,” an illness in which people fear having a panic attack in a place where they can’t get help. I’m recommending deep breathing for when you’re “stressed out,” which most of us feel from time to time when life’s challenges overwhelm us.

When you’re stressed out, your breath is shallow and you don’t give your cells enough oxygen and you don’t release enough carbon dioxide. Shallow breathing contributes to the progressive deterioration of your body and mind – what we call “growing old.”

Remember that stress is the number one aging factor. In order to grow younger, become aware when you’re stressed out and take a minute to do some deep breathing.

And while you’re at it, change those heebie-jeebieing, angry or blue thoughts. Think of all the things you’re grateful for. Proper breathing and expressing gratitude can deeply influence your health, happiness and spiritual development – and bring more joy to your life and to the whole world!

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Author, columnist, keynote speaker and pioneer of age-reversing consciousness, Ellen Wood helps men and women grow younger with body/mind/spirit action steps. She is living proof that they work. Sign up for three free gifts at her website: