The views we hold about personal fate and karma, such as at least 75% of the core circumstances and events in everyone’s life are predestined, are controversial.

We regularly receive unsolicited (usually anonymous) feedback like this:

“What about the law of attraction? Don’t we co-create our lives, our realities? I think so. Your information is depressing.

“I agree that suffering is a choice. But you seem too extreme in your point of view. We all have a blueprint and we all have our challenges and blessings, but I don’t believe that EVERYTHING is set in stone. Amy Winehouse or Whitney Houston didn’t have to die so young.

“I’ve seen miracles all my life and faith can create miracles even when it’s hopeless. Would you tell a woman who has been raped that it’s her fate?

That’s a lot to consider, and it’s important to note this person misunderstands our philosophies.

We’ve never said that everything in life is fated. As we say above, and we’ve always said, we believe at least 75% of the key events and conditions of your life are preordained; the most significant events in life, including things that cause you the most stress or joy, are things your soul (not personality) agreed to endure or enjoy before incarnating.

Using the law of attraction as a centerpiece of spiritual philosophy, while denying all other spiritual laws and simultaneously maintaining a victim consciousness, and refusing to take responsibility for everything in your life you have “co-created,” is short-sighted. Conscious (after you’ve incarnated) co-creation and the law of attraction are only two facets of the complex spiritual experience.

As for the things we say being “depressing,” depression also follows a massive sugar high. The way to avoid that sinking, powerless feeling is to avoid sugar. Likewise, the way to avoid being depressed by the reality of life is to empower yourself by doing what you can to change what you don’t like, and accepting what you can’t change.

To be clear, as we’ve always said, we simply relay our objective findings. For example, when we see unique patterns (consisting of dozens of factors) in someone’s personal comprehensive astrology and numerology charts symbolizing financial challenges during a certain period, time and time again, without fail, the subject endures financial challenges.

No amount of conscious creating or practicing the law of attraction will override that. Why? Because it’s part of that person’s fate. They have free will to react to it (and prepare, thanks to the warning from us), but not change it. Rewards are fated too, by the way.

Would you prefer we conceal our findings and instead promise only sunshine and rainbows? That would be going against our convictions and doing you a disservice. We refuse to sell out and gloss over important spiritual concepts just to attract more followers.

Only wanting the good parts of life to be destined is a bit like wanting good health from only eating sweets. On the other hand, when you consider the spiritual purpose and meaning behind negative experiences, they’re easier to deal with.

As for whether or not it’s predestined for some people to die young, consider this: If a person has strong signs of addiction and over-doing it with drugs and alcohol in their comprehensive charts, endures self-abuse for years and shows no signs of letting up, we’d like to think they have free will to pull themselves out of it, but if they don’t stop (and time and time again, they don’t), we call it predetermination.

Taking into account the tragic loss and other related indications at that time in the comprehensive charts of those close to the person who died, it seems to us that it was fate instead of “probability” or “possibility.”

By the way, although longevity (approximate duration of life) can be determined with comprehensive astrology and numerology, it’s a morbid topic and we don’t make a habit of delving into it.

The writer also mentions miracles. As we’ve said before, we believe miracles are fate disguised.

Regarding men and women who are raped (according to a 12-9-2014 article, if you include the prison population, men are raped more often than women in the U.S.), or those who endure other horrors, we don’t believe anyone deserves it. Also, we don’t believe in a vengeful higher power that punishes you, but that your soul (again, not your personality) agrees to all your earthly experiences before birth.

The idea that at least 75% of your main life events and circumstances are fated isn’t the subject of today’s spiritual best-sellers because people demand inspiration, escapism, and instant gratification.

A smaller percentage of people strive to view life as spiritual beings having an earthly experience, and understand that the explanations for life’s atrocities are beyond the if-I-can’t-touch-it-it-doesn’t-exist thinking that mundane, rational thought offers.

Throughout the phases of your life, what you can’t and can change, is as depressing or heartening and empowering as you decide to view it.

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