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By Rick Gettle

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In His All Time Bestselling Book, Think And Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill Mentions In His First Chapter That Throughout The Book He Will Be Referring Many Times To “The Carnegie Secret.” He Said He Would Not Tell You What That Secret Is, But When You Are Ready, It Will Jump Off The Page And Into Your Brain.

(Carnegie Never Did Reveal Exactly What The Secret Was And Neither Did Napoleon Hill)

After 42 Plus Years Of Teaching The Success Course Weekly – And Re-Reading All Of Napoleon Hill’s 7 Most Important Books Over 35 Times Each – I Was Able To Finally Put Together What The Carnegie Secret To Riches Was All About – And I Will Teach You All Exactly What The Secret Was And How To Use It To Get Whatever You Want From Life – Without Infringing On The Rights Of Others In Any Way.)

Many, Many Times Over The Years In Our Classes, Workshops, Talks, Rallies, And In Our Master Mind Alliance Success Club Meetings We Have Asked This Question To Those In Our Audience Who Had Read The Book Think And Grow Rich,

What Is The Carnegie Secret That Napoleon Hill Referred To In His Book?

We Got All Kinds Of Guesses.

Here Is ------- The Andrew Carnegie Secret To Riches In Life

Step #1. Have A Definite Major Purpose.

What Is The Most Important Thing You Would Like To Accomplish In Your Lifetime? Try To Define It In One Paragraph, Even If You Have To Keep Rewriting It A Hundred Times Until It Gets As Clear As Possible. It Has To Be The Most Important Thing In Your Life. Mahatma Gandhi’s Definite Major Purpose Was To Win Independence For India From Their British Rulers. He Succeeded. Dr. Martin Luther King’s Was Equality And The End Of Oppression For Black People. Doctor Jonas Salk’s Was To Find The Cure And End For Polio. Thomas Edison’s Was The Incandescent Light Bulb. What Is Yours?

If You Don’t Currently Have What You Feel Is A Definite Major Purpose, Then Have A Definite Major Purpose To Find Your Definite Major Purpose.
Napoleon Hill Said: “Success Is The Development Of Your Powers To Get Whatever You Want From Life - Without Violating The Rights Of Others In Any Way”

So Make Sure Your DMP Is Noble And Righteous – And That It Will Not Violate The Rights Of Others In Any Way

It Has To Be Something You Want So Bad That You Think About It All Of The Time.

Step #2. Be Willing To Stake Your Entire Existence On Achieving It.

Don’t Quit. There Are Many Starters In Life, But Very Few Finishers – When The Going Gets Tough They Quit. A Person With A Definite Major Purpose Never Gives Up No Matter How Long And Tough The Road Is; Instead, They Become More Determined. Jack London Was Rejected Over 600 Times Before He Finally Sold His First Piece Of Writing. Thomas Edison Actually Failed Over 9,999 Times Before He Perfected The Incandescent Light Bulb, And Over 5,000 Times Before He Perfected The World’s First Phonograph Record Player. There Will Be Times When Everything In You Will Tell You To Quit – To Stop Trying, But If You Hang In There, Eventually, You Will – You Must Succeed. Quitters Never Win And Winners Never Quit.

Persistence Is The Power To Hold On In Spite Of Everything - To Endure.
It’s The Ability To Face Defeat Repeatedly Without Giving Up—To Push On Even In The Face Of Great Difficulty Or Danger. Persistence Means Taking Pains To Overcome Every Obstacle, To Do All That Is Necessary To Reach Your Goals. You Win, Because You Refuse To Become Discouraged By Your Defeats. Those Who Conquer Are Those Who Endure.

Step #3. Keep Intensifying Your Desire.

There Are Many “Firemen” In Life That Will Come Along And Try To Put Your Fire Of Desire Out. They Will Give You All Kinds Of Reasons Why Your Idea Or Goal Won’t Work And Tell You To Give It Up, Forget It, Or Tell You, “You Can’t Do It.” You Have To Become An Arsonist. An Arsonist Sets Fires. Every Morning When You Wake Up You Have To Re-Light And Re-Build The Intensity Of Your Fire Of Desire. You Have To Eat It, Sleep It, Walk It, Talk It, And Concentrate On It Until It Becomes A Red-Hot Flaming, Burning, And Obsessional Desire That Will Eventually Mow Down All Of The Opposition You Will Face Throughout Each Day. If You Don’t, Your Sizzle Of Desire Will Fizzle Down To Nothing. I’m Not Suggesting That You Stop Talking To Or Seeing Your Family And Friends – What I’m Saying Is To Keep Focused Day And Night, Seven Days A Week. This Will Bring Into Play: The Law Of Harmonious Attraction. Your Burning Desire Becomes A Magnet. You Will Attract That Which You Need; The Ideas And Plans, The Money You Need, And The People You Need To Help You. They Will Eventually Gravitate Toward Your Desire.

Very Few People Know How To Desire With Sufficient Intensity.

They Don’t Know What It Is To Feel And Manifest That: Intense – Eager – Longing – Craving – Insistent – Demanding - Ravenous Desire - Which Is Akin To The Persistence - Insistent – Ardent - Overwhelming - Desire - Of The Drowning Man - For A Breath Of Air -- Of The Shipwrecked Or Desert-Lost Man -- For A Drink Of Water; -- Of The Famished Man -- For Bread And Meat…. Intensity – (Deeply Felt) - Eager – (Enthusiastic Or Anxious) - Longing – (To Desire Urgently) – Aching, Craving, Dreaming, Hankering, Hungering, Itching, Lusting, Pining, Sighing, Thirsting, Yearning. Ravenous – (Very Hungry, Famished, Starved, Starving) I Want It, I Need It, And I Can’t Live Without It (A Love, A Drug, A Drink, Money, Recognition – Some People Die For It – Some Kill For It)

Step #4. Have Bulldog Determination And Perseverance That Will Eventually Mow Down All Opposition.

Expect Lots Of Problems, Adversities And Discouragement Along The Way. Go Around It – Go Over It – Go Under It – Or Dig A Hole Through It – But Don’t Ever Turn Back. Make Your Definite Major Purpose The Dominating Thought In Your Mind. It Is A Known Fact That People Who Have Had Great Achievement – Formed The Habit Of Making An “Obsession” Of Their Definite Major Purpose. Andrew Carnegie Said To Put All Of Your Eggs In One Basket And Then Watch The Basket. Andrew Carnegie’s Definite Major Purpose, Which He Wrote Down At An Early Age And Kept In His Desk, Was To Earn As Much Money As He Can In Life And Then, In The End, To Set Up The Carnegie Foundation To Give It All Away To Worthy Causes. Even After His Death Long Ago, The Carnegie Foundation Is Still Giving Away Millions Every Year To Help Mankind.

Persistence Is The Power To Hold On In Spite Of Everything - To Endure. ----- It’s The Ability To Face Defeat Repeatedly Without Giving Up ---- To Push On Even In The Face Of Great Difficulty Or Danger. Persistence Means Taking Pains To Overcome Every Obstacle, To Do All That Is Necessary To Reach Your Goals. You Win, Because You Refuse To Become Discouraged By Your Defeats. Those Who Conquer Are Those Who Endure.

By James Allen

“You Will Be What You Will To Be;
Let Failure Find Its False Content
In That Poor Word, ‘Environment,’
But Spirit Scorns It, And Is Free.

“It Masters Time, It Conquers Space;
It Cows That Boastful Trickster, Chance,
And Bids The Tyrant Circumstance
Uncrown, And Fill A Servant’s Place.

“The Human Will, That Force Unseen,
The Offspring Of A Deathless Soul,
Can Hew A Way To Any Goal,
Though Walls Of Granite Intervene.

“Be Not Impatient In Delay,
But Wait As One Who Understands;
When Spirit Rises And Commands,
The Gods Are Ready To Obey.”

Step #5 Of The Carnegie Secret. You Have To Keep Backing Your Burning Desire - By Bombarding Your Mind Throughout Each Day With Powerful Affirmations Of Enduring Faith.

Example: “I Have Complete Faith In Infinite Intelligence And I Know That I Am Achieving My Goals”

“Whatever My Mind Can Conceive – And Believe – It Can Achieve”

“I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me”

In The Book, Think And Grow Rich, Read The Self-Confidence Formula In The Chapter On Faith - Every Day - Until It Sinks In – And As You Read Your Goal Every Day Practice Seeing Feeling And Believing Yourself Already In Possession Of Your Goal.

Step #6 Of The Carnegie Secret. In Think And Grow Rich - Follow To The Letter – Napoleon Hill’s Six Ways To Turn Desires Into Gold - The Method By Which Desire For Riches Can Be Transmuted Into Its Financial Equivalent, Consists Of Six Definite, Practical Steps:

First: Fix In Your Mind The Exact Amount Of Money You Desire. It Is Not Sufficient Merely To Say, “I Want Plenty Of Money.” Be Definite As To The Amount. (There Is A Psychological Reason For Definiteness Which Will Be Described In A Subsequent Chapter.)

Second: Determine Exactly What You Intend To Give In Return For The Money You Desire. There Is No Such Reality As “Something For Nothing.”
(From Think And Grow Rich)
I Bargained In Life For A Penny
And Life Would Pay No More
However I Begged At Evening
When Counted My Scanty Store
For Life Is A Just Employer
He Give You What You Ask
But Once You Have Set The Wages
Why – You Must Bair The Task
I Worked For A Menial’s Hire
Only To Learn Dismayed
That Any Wag I Would Have Asked
Life Would Gladly Paid

Third: Establish A Definite Date When You Intend To Possess The Money You Desire.

Fourth: Create A Definite Plan For Carrying Out Your Desire, And Begin At Once, Whether You Are Ready Or Not To Put This Plan Into Action.

Fifth: Write Out A Clear, Concise Statement Of The Amount Of Money You Intend To Acquire, Name The Time Limit For Its Acquisition, State What You Intend To Give In Return For The Money, And Describe Clearly The Plan Through Which You Intend To Accumulate It.

Sixth: Read Your Written Statement Aloud, Twice Daily, Once Just Before Retiring At Night, And Once After Arising In The Morning. As You Read – See And Feel And Believe Yourself Already In Possession Of The Money.

(Do All These Steps And Read Them Every Day Or Throw Away The Entire Formula.)

The End

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Napoleon Hill Did What Carnegie Asked Of Him – He Did Spend The Full 20 Years Researching The Most Successful People – Plus 42 More Years For A Total Of 62 Years – Until The Day He Died In 1970 At The Age Of 88. In 1922, While He Was Still Researching, He Introduced The World’s First Success Achievement Course In New York City - And The Very First Student Was Wm. Wriggly

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