It is time for a holiday and where better but ANDALUCIA VILLAS to spend your away break? It’s only been a few years since Andalucia became part of the tourist calendar creating a worldwide interest in this area. What doesn’t compute is the amount of time it took people to realize just how wonderful this place and its inhabitants actually are. With its ideal climate and breathtaking landscapes, you would be hard pressed to find anything to compare it with. This is one of those places where you arrive for a holiday and never go back home.

It is here that rural tourism reared its beautiful head allowing you to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city when renting a villa in the middle of nowhere, if you choose. There are places here that are so remote your only neighbour is a goat or two. If you do intend on visiting this wonderful place there are two airports servicing the area, Granada and Jerez with a smaller airport in Malaga.

Once you set your foot firmly on the ground you will immediately know you are in a different holiday location. To exemplify this take a look at the Pueblos Blancos from a time when this area was under Muslim rule. These whitewashed villages are for the most part tucked away in the mountains with their unspoiled traditions and customs including a lifestyle which hasn’t changed over the centuries and is the envy of the world.

If a trek into the mountains doesn’t trouble you, the rural villages of Casares or Gaucin with their special architecture and forgotten way of life await you. Their relaxed atmosphere will entice you to spend a few hours experiencing what most people believe Spanish life should be in these ancient places.

If you are ready to experience the epitome of Spanish culture, Andalucia is the place where the famous flamenco dance was discovered in all its passion and glory. Additionally this area is where the art of bullfighting was born. In the nearby village of Ronda you will not only find the oldest bullring but a museum dedicated to this art. Both the flamenco and bullfights are a major part of Spanish traditions.

The last and most important place to visit on a day away from your ANDALUCIA VILLAS is the Alhambra Palace. Situated in Granada, it is the best example of Moorish architecture in all of Spain. Be prepared to spend a lot of time exploring this palace; not only is it beautifully ornate in its design it is one of the largest palaces with many gardens. This is only one of the places situated in an unspoiled region where you can enjoy long walks while communing with nature in a picturesque area. Be careful because once you visit Andalucia you might just stay for a lifetime.

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