When a mastermind group is facilitated by a skilled coach, participants reach an ecstatic state that is so positive that they want to hold on to it until the next group meeting. This is not only possible, it's one of the special advantages of participating in a mastermind.


The goal in this exercise is to "anchor" a mental and emotional state of mind in which you feel calm, optimistic, balanced, and nurtured.

When you are in this frame of mind, you can create a personal "anchor" to this preferred neurological state. Example: Touch the thumb on one of your hands to the index finger on the same hand while being aware of feel-good endorphins (beta-endorphins) surging through your body. This is just one example of a physical anchor.

It's important that you identify an anchor that will consistently, quickly, and almost effortlessly work for you. Ask yourself what would be easy to use and unobtrusive when you're with other people.


Is touch an important way for you to experience the world? Do you use "feeling" words more than visual or auditory phrases when you talk? "Kinesthetic people," individuals whose primary way of experiencing the world is through touch and feelings are more likely to say things like, "This is how I feel about that," more often than "It seems to me that . . . " or "That's music to my ears."

Many kinesthetic people find that holding an object that has special meaning to them is their best anchor. Maybe touching a locket with a picture that reminds you of being totally supported and nurtured is your best choice. Other people are so visually oriented that remembering a certain image that reminds them they are loved and supported is best. People whose primary modality is auditory may hum a certain tune or hear a sound that brings them back to center.


Whether your primary modality is auditory, visual, or kinesthetic, deep rhythmic breathing can be very helpful, especially when anxiety arises.

We all have some negative neural loops or "old tapes" in our brains. Most of them were unconsciously developed. Developing a personal anchor can empower you to live more "at choice" because, when you use your anchor, you consciously initiate the creation of a healthy new associative neural pathway in your brain.

When you're developing your physical anchor, use it for a minimum of 15 consecutive seconds, the longer the better. This action creates a powerful alpha or alpha-theta brainwave state, and you can reconnect with this positive energy later. With enough practice, you can do this on a moment's notice, any time, any where, so it's very empowering. Since our brains are plastic . . . we can learn to reprogram old negative thinking patterns . . . work with a mastermind coach who understands how to use neuroscience to help you achieve your goals.


Increasing the multisensory nature of your anchoring experience will make it even more valuable as a tool. The following tips will help you achieve maximum benefit.
• Develop an individualized, pleasant visual image you can associate with your anchor and recall later at will.
• Imagine smelling pleasant scents (or actually do so) while using your anchor.
• Feel textures, such as the surfaces of your thumbs and index fingers as you touch them. If there are particular textures that bring you joy, like satin or soft, squeezable objects, use them. Enjoy experimenting.
• Notice pleasant sounds, words, or phrases associated with the times you experience bliss while you're using your anchor.

Don't try to push negative emotions away because they serve a purpose . . . and what we resist, persists. Just say hello to uncomfortable, negative emotions. Empower yourself by embracing negative emotions in a very simple way. Ask yourself what you can learn from them. Then use deep rhythmic breathing and your physical anchor to make a conscious choice to focus on what you want instead of what you don't want because we're all a bit like a two-year old . . . we get more of what we reinforce.


You'll thrive with the support of a group of like-minded people who unconditionally appreciate you. They'll help you uncover hidden resources so you can capitalize on your strengths. If you're ready for a personal and professional breakthrough, sign up for a free test drive of a mastermind group. Just go to and select the free session of your choice so you, too, can develop and anchor a powerful positive resource state.

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