It is said that words have the power to turn stones. So, why can’t they turn in clients to business firms? Have you ever wondered this? If you did, you would have got the answer to this question. If your business interaction is convincing enough, then it means that it is your communication channel that is not up to the mark. In order to convince your clients, you need to maintain a perfect balance between the two i.e. apt communication skills along with hassle-free communication infrastructure. Hosted PBX services provide a feasible solution for filling up the missing pieces of your communication channel.

Virtual PBX is a service that enables business firms of all sizes to establish a flawless channel for business interaction. This is more of a concept than an actual system. For clients, business Hosted PBX is the service that allows them to gain the advantage of the expensive business phone systems without having to physically setup, install or maintain the system at their premise. They just have to configure the system through an easy-to-use interface and they are good to go. These systems offer solution to the most common business communication problems which have been stated under.

Dial a series of numbers: Earlier with the traditional phone systems, the callers used to dial a series of numbers so as to get one line free and finally ended up frustrated. This new communication trend introduced by Hosted PBX systems has helped business firms in maintaining a single number while connecting it to various extensions so that the user does not need to dial a lot of numbers but they direct the calls from one main number to the various extensions, whichever is free receives the call.

Unmanageable overhead of calls: The early telephone systems were unmanageable due to the overhead of calls that they receive with no facility to hold or maintain an audit log of the calls made. With the new business phone systems, the trend has undergone drastic changes. Now there is a provision to wisely divert calls to the desired destination. If the phone rings busy, calls are held in queue and they are directed through the ACD to the correct department.

Huge telephone bills: The earlier PSTN phone systems worked on a circuit-switched telephone network that used analog signals for data transmission. The connection that used to be established was hard-wired and calling was very expensive. Hosted PBX systems on the other hand use packet-switched network together with digital signals for voice transfer. The technology used is VOIP that provides international calling at one-tenth the price the user has to pay for a landline call to the same destination.

Hosted PBX services have delivered an outstanding set of communication services that fuel your business conversations to accelerate the rate at which your business grows. Every business organization has its benchmarks and Virtual PBX systems assure that these benchmarks can be easily achieved through your communication interface. A hosted solution thus offers a variety of great new benefits that expand your business dimensions by facilitating call services equipped with the latest call features that include call hunt, call parking, call transfer, call hold, call return, music-on-hold, Interactive Voice Response, etc. With all these features, business firms can easily use the power of their words to get the best out of them.

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