You're on my blog today because you are looking for more information about GanoLife. Whether you are looking for details on the business opportunity or just looking into some product information, you've come to the right place.

Company Information

GanoLife is a network marketing/MLM company that is currently in the pre-launch stage. Ganolife was started by Chris Tidwell. Mr. Tidwell's entrepreneurial vision is to provide a healthy alternative for avid coffee lovers.

The company's high quality products are already formulated. GanoLife is currently polishing up its marketing plan. Chris Tidwell and GanoLife intend to utilize the direct sales/network marketing model to distribute their products.

This means that product users will have the opportunity to build their own stream of income by promoting GanoLife products. This business opportunity may be the exact reason you are here today. We'll touch on this money-making opportunity a little later.

Product Information

As I mentioned briefly before, GanoLife is a health promoting coffee distributor. Each of the coffee related products offered by the company contain ganoderma lucidum. Ganoderma lucidum has a rich history as an organic herbal medicine. The plant extract's medicinal use dates back to ancient chinese culture. GanoLife formulators have patented an extraction process that allows them to maximize the plant's medicinal potential.

GanoLife offers each of the following products using ganoderma lucidum:

GanoLife Latte 365

GanoLife Mocca 365

GanoLife Black 365

GanoLife Cappuccino 365

GanoLife Chocolate 365

VitaShield Immunalife 365

VitaShield Ganoderma 365

The Opportunity

You may be on my log today because you are interested in the business opportunity offered by GanoLife. Because I am an entrepreneur myself, I often review new home based business opportunities. As I said before, GanoLife is a network marketing company. So what does this mean for your business opportunity?

Network marketing is also known as multi-level marketing or direct sales. Within this business model, GanoLife product users have the opportunity to build an income. In fact, this marketing model offers distributors multiple ways to earn.

The initial way to earn with GanoLife is through product sales. It isn't clear quite yet what the commission percentage will be. That being said, it is obviously in the company's best interest to offer their distributors an advantageous compensation plan.

All of that being said, building a successful network marketing business purely off of product sales can be difficult. In fact, focusing solely on product sales will make your GanoLife business harder to grow. Why is this the case?

To make the real money with GanoLife, or any network marketing opportunity, you have to personally enroll new distributors. Doing so dramatically increases your business's earning potential. If you ask any successful network marketer, they will definitely advise you to focus on recruiting over product sales.

Although the vast majority of successful network marketing businesses have been built in physical social settings offline. Unless you have a sizable social circle or incredible drive, recruiting offline can be incredibly time-consuming and difficult. Luckily for those of you considering GanoLife today, it is now possible to build a network marketing business online from the comfort of your home.

Learning to recruit online is far more efficient. Just think about how many people use the internet daily. I hope this GanoLife review sufficiently answered any questions you may have.

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