Squad R3ADYy is a multi-talented artist, rapper and entertainer who specializes in music. He has an unmatched talent in R&B, Hip Hop and New School Music, but R&B is his favorite genre because he says that he loves something that he refers to as “Freeway-Music.” That’s something that the listener can drive to and zone out. Although he’s a new face in contemporary music, Squad R3ADYy has managed to attract a huge following of loyal fans because of his amazing voice and unique talent in music. As of October 2016, everything that he does is Self-Taught and Self-Produced.

His tracks produced so far is on a well-documented trend of increasingly simplified chords, rhythms, and melodies. Squad R3ADYy produces Sophisticated and astoundingly beautiful songs that captured the world’s ear. The tracks he has produced so far includes: Never be like me, If you want it, Go figure, Do you put in work, Make me laugh, Fly and cocky, Lyrical magician, IDFWU 1 Verse Remix, The beat go on, Doin ma thing, Crazy shit, These Niggas Don’t Get It, Slow-mo, Beast mode and Walk in my shoes.

In a world where talent takes people far, Squad R3ADYyis ahead of the game. Having started his musical journey from the age of 15, he’s now positioning himself to take over the music world with his furry voice. His soulful sound and charisma appeal win the hearts of admiring fans everywhere any time he drops any song. His songs are available and can be downloaded at https://soundcloud.com/r3adyy

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