Everything is energy. Even medical science measures the electrical impulses in our cells with EKGs.

Stress is energy. Albeit negative energy. Stress is the experience we encounter when the brain sends out electrical signals that lead to an emotion (perhaps anxiety, depression, or anger), a perception, or a behavior that is not appropriate for the current situation. By not appropriate I mean “the fight or flight mechanism is triggered and there's no saber-toothed tiger after you. Nobody is pointing a gun to your head." But we run those chemicals anyway.

By toughing or tapping meridian points the ancient study of Acupuncture, we can start to dissipate the stress so it doesn't accumulate in the body. It begins to iron out the wrinkles in our vibration so we can become more attractive or more in alignment with our desires.

Leading Edge brain science and Quantum Physics are making huge scientific strides in teaching us how to transform habitual ways of thinking. I teach these tools and practices in my Breakthrough to Abundance Group Coaching Program. If you need the help of a Law of Attraction Coach, by all means get support! Having an independent listener to check in with can help you move away from old patterns much more quickly.

I want to teach you a very cool Energy Tool. It's called Temporal Tapping.

The Left Hemisphere of the brain is more critical thinking and apt to question... so we slip it past the critical thinker by tapping a statement phrased it in the negative. Such as ...
"I'm no longer anxious about my job security".

Starting on the left side of your head at The Temple. Tap with 3 fingers of your left hand tap at the temple, going around the back of the ear. Make firm contact and a bit of a bounce around the back of the ear until you reach the base of the skull. You can manifest Law of Attraction Relationships right now and increase your level of creative energy!

Tap and speak the statement with the NO affirmation 5 times on the Left side and then we'll repeat the technique on the right side with positive phrasing.
"I'm no longer anxious about my job security".

The right hemisphere of the brain is more accepting and willing to go with the flow. You do the same thing, but this time on starting at the right temple and round the right ear. And say while tapping:
"I'm a highly valued employee. And my contribution is recognized by my employer".

With regular use your dissipate most emotional and stressful charges very easily. Do this frequently. I know you'll love the results.

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