Aging definitely means more wisdom, confidence and life experience. But as we age, our body changes in multitude of different ways. Changes such as graying of hair, general decline in physical stamina, reduced functioning of organs and wrinkles are horrifying to experience. However, aging is an inevitable part of life but we can still work on slowing down the aging process. Lifestyle changes play strong and influential role in buffering and many of the physiological changes that are also said to link with aging directly or indirectly.

Advent in technology and with continuous research various medical procedures have now been discovered to improve the overall health of skins. Here is a guide to skin tightening treatments which can curb over aging effects on your skin:

• Laser skin resurfacing or laser peels

It is one of the most common cosmetic procedures which is continuously been in practice for years and is well known to provide some great results. In this procedure, special lasers are used that remove cell-thick layers of skin in order to remove dead cells while stimulating the production of new ones. It is a safe as well as effective process one might go for if the dermatologist recommends.

• Radiofrequency treatment

This skin tightening cosmetic procedure is carried out with the use of radio waves. The radio waves contract the collagen fibers present in the deeper layer of the skin by heating them up and as a result overall tightening of the target area is achieved. The process is said to be painless and safe and can be practiced for all skin complexions.

• Microdermabrasion

It is mechanical removal of a thin layer of the outer skin using some rotary tool that contains crystal or is tipped with diamonds. The process pretty much works similar o sandpaper on wood, which is taking off the uneven top layer of skin to get smooth surface. However, this process might require few sessions depending on the condition of skin.

If you are not sure about getting such cosmetic treatments and wish to limit yourself and improve lifestyle then here are some useful tips for you to control the aging process.

a. Include intake of fruits and vegetables in your diet

Certain fruits and vegetables are high source of vitamin C and therefore help to keep away wrinkles and dryness of skin which are basically the signs of aging. Adding fruits and vegetables like watermelon, orange, tomato, lemon, pineapple and other vitamin C enriched foods can help control aging process.

b. Practice using sunscreen lotion

The UVA and UVB rays of sunlight deteriorate the condition of skin. They tend to damage the skin while darkening the complexion and leading to unwanted fine lines and wrinkles. Sunscreen lotions act as a shield against these harmful rays protecting the skin from direct effects.

c. Keep yourself hydrated

One must drink water at regular interval. The sweat loss of the body needs to be compensated and drinking water and fluids compensate the loss and makes the skin healthy and glowing. Water also helps flush toxins while improving the overall health and condition of skin.

d. Perform some physical exercises

Physical exercise, yoga and meditations are said to be some of the influencing factors in improving skin health. Exercise helps to tone up skin and muscles while preventing skin from sagging or giving a worn-out-look. Including some regular exercise in your daily routine can help improve blood circulation, restores skin elasticity and help reduce wrinkles while providing a healthy glow.

What matters in skin aging is an improper lifestyle, weight gain, consumption of processed food and improper skin care routine. If you cut out all the negative factors and induce some positive and healthy changes, you can age like fine wine.

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