Chronic prostatitis is a common reproductive system disease in young men. Do you know the symptoms and prevention of chronic prostatitis? Next, let's talk about the prostate.

What symptoms does chronic prostatitis have?

1. Radiation pain

The urethra and the pubic part of the patient will often appear in radioactive pain. In severe cases, it will involve the testis scrotum, groin, thigh rectum, and other organs, sometimes even waist pain. And it is often confused with lumbar muscle strain and other diseases in diagnosis. Therefore, people must go to the regular hospital for diagnosis and treatment to avoid delay of the disease.

2. Sexual dysfunction

Chronic prostatitis can cause urination symptoms and pain and affect the sexual function of patients, mainly manifested as impotence, premature ejaculation, hyposexuality, etc. And it will affect the semen quality and leads to infertility.

3. Dysuria

Chronic prostatitis patients may stimulate the bladder, appear frequent urination, urgency, urination discomfort. Men must pay attention to them if mucus and other secretions are found at the urethral orifice in the morning.

4. Other symptoms

Some chronic prostatitis patients can also be combined with neurasthenia, mainly manifested as fatigue, dizziness, insomnia, etc. So once the above symptoms are found, take measures to intervene to avoid affecting life and work.

How can men better prevent chronic prostatitis?
The most important way to prevent chronic prostatitis is to take appropriate treatment in the acute stage of the disease. For acute bacterial prostatitis, the most commonly used treatment is antibiotics. When acute prostatitis becomes chronic prostatitis, traditional Chinese medicine, such as Natural medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, has better efficacy than antibiotics.

In addition to drug treatment of chronic prostatitis, some minor details of life can also prevent prostatitis.

1. Pay attention to personal hygiene

Personal hygiene is essential for men's health because the skin around the penis is more wrinkled, which is easy to hide bacteria and provides favorable conditions for bacteria breeding. Therefore, men must pay attention to cleaning personal hygiene at ordinary times, especially in summer, because local sweat is more, so they must pay attention to cleaning and hygiene when taking a bath. Don't provide a comfortable hotbed for the virus because of your slovenliness.

2. Healthy diet

With the improvement of living standards, people's diet has become multifarious. In terms of diet, the patients should focus on light and nutritious substances, eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, and bean products, and stay away from spicy food. A light diet can reduce some irritation symptoms, and it is also good for the relief of prostatitis symptoms. Many patients have such a reaction that their prostatitis symptoms are aggravating after drinking or eating spicy food.

3. Healthy lifestyle

Male friends, in daily life, must develop a healthy lifestyle, such as regular work and rest, ensure adequate sleep. In addition to work and study, they should adequately participate in physical exercise, which is more conducive to enhance the body's immunity, improve the overall quality of the body, strengthen the body's defense ability against external bacteria, and reduce the probability of various diseases.

4. Rational sexual life

Regular and reasonable sex life is perfect for men's health. Abstinence, excessive sexual indulgence, and frequent sex life often lead to long-term prostate congestion and affect prostate health over time. At the same time, we must arrange sex life reasonably to avoid excessive sexual indulgence. Of course, it is not easy for long-term abstinence. The harmony of sex life is also the necessary condition of family harmony, but also the basis of physical health.

Generally speaking, the impact of chronic prostatitis on men's health can be large or small, so once there is a similar disease, they must timely and effective treatment to avoid serious disease development. Timely stop loss is the best solution to reduce the more significant harm to the body.

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