Basing her leadership in Amplus Mortgage Consultants on the ethos of truth and dedication, Snehal Bhuta has created a healthy space for employees in the institution to thrive in the banking and finance sector.

Snehal Bhuta (Snehaal Bhuta) is a veteran in her field with 15 years of experience and an MBA at hand. She utilizes her spot in the company to groom employees and drive them in the right direction of their career path to witness heights and nurture their skill sets.

Not only is Snehal Bhuta a great leader but she believes in molding her employees with skills like analytical thinking, problem-solving and so much more to bring tuition to Amplus and themselves. She strongly believes in standing one’s ground and exuding truth in everything one does in the company.

The strong foundation laid by Snehal has brought about a change in positive strides to everything Amplus drives. Learning new things and grooming existing ones is another major aspect of focus for her as a leader.

Snehal promises a great atmosphere to work in. But she also assures quality and authenticity in everything Amplus does for its clientele.

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