Am - bi - tion (noun) :a) An eager or strong DESIRE to achieve something such as fame or power: Aspiration, ambitiousness. b) The object, objective or GOAL desired: Her ambition is the presidency. c) The wish, power, and ability to begin and follow through with a PLAN or task: Drive, enterprise, initiative.

"Without AMBITION one starts nothing. Without WORK one finishes nothing. The prize will NOT be sent to you. You have to WIN it. The man who knows HOW will always have a job. The man who also knows WHY will always be his boss. As to METHODS there may be a million and then some, but principles are few. The man who grasps PRINCIPLES can successfully select his own methods. The man who tries methods, ignoring principles, is sure to have TROUBLE."
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

While here in the earth, we all come equipped with the same basic make-up, let start there. Here are the eight basic things I believe that makes us up.
Dirt, water and air are the physical elements that we need to exists in the earth. Our bodies begins with dirt and water combining together to make this earth suit that we now walk around in. After we leave the confines of our mother womb, we then take on the third element of life in the earth and that is air. These 3 things give us our physical life and are what we need to continue it. Then our mental make-up begins with the thoughts of the care giver and host in this place. We begins to relate to the thoughts of those we associate with (a baby cry; a look; a awareness) in our circle. From this we learn to reason and make what we would consider to be a logical choice by our conditioning. Our conditioning leads us to build a belief system about our selves and our surrounding. With the conviction of our passion, we get emotionally involved with the task at hand. Our emotions can sometime lead us to make illogical decisions, even if the thing right in front of us don’t make sense, we will do it because of what we believe. Sometime we make decisions based on physical feeling. Feelings are with us to allow us to experience and be awareness of the things around us. Feeling can be placed into check by having and knowing one purpose. Set goals, make plans and moving forward with an attitude of excellence to see them through. What we remember start with what we have been told about a subject, then we have experiences, then what we experience is recalled easier, just because it is mixed with the passion of emotions. All of these things will lead us to have an expectation for what we might face in the future. The way we approach life is due to the thoughts we associate with on a daily bases. We get training to better carry out a task. We become skillful by making preparation to meet our future with a positive expectation to overcome problems with wisdom and understanding. Knowledge has a way of educating us to perform predictable outcome and overcome predictable problems. So in conclusion, we are make of the things from the outside of us as well as things on the inside of us. It is our job to manage both of them, to fulfill destiny here in the earth. So at present, we are in the process of making past event for future use. Believe in yourself and the desired purpose in you.

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Dr. Jackson is a Researcher and Philosopher of Personal Leadership and Personal Management. Dr. Jackson is not about changing your thinking, but to help empower you to think in a way to help you do what you do better. Dr. Jackson has spoken at Mary Kay Groups, Amway Groups, Churches groups, youth groups , summits and conferences in difference parts of the country. He is one of the founder of Kingdom Alliance Ministries International Inc. working with small organizations to do big business. He is a mentor and counselor to young people pursuing to extend their education through athletics. He is an Ambassador for Laurinburg Normal Industrial Institute , developing youth for tomorrow. Dr. Jackson teaches college at Breakthrough Bible College in Jacksonville, Fla