Orchitis is a purulent bacterial infection in testicular tissue.The main clinical symptoms are shivering, high fever, significantly increased testicular volume on the affected side, obvious pain when touching with hands. And the pain can radiate to the groin, accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and other clinical symptoms.

For the treatment of orchitis, determine the etiology before treatment. The more common orchitis is bacterial.

or orchitis with bacterial infection, patients can first take some antibiotics orally, including penicillin and cephalosporins. Early use with adequate, broad-spectrum antibiotics. If the treatment of acute orchitis is not thorough, it will turn into chronic orchitis.

At this time, patients should be treated in time to prevent excessive testicular damage, which will lead to obstacles in the process of spermatogenesis and even infertility. For chronic orchitis, a Natural medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a good choice.

For patients with severe symptoms and ineffective drug treatment, the abscess has been formed in the testis, which needs to be cut and drained by surgery. If the condition is so severe that the testicle has been wholly destroyed, perform surgery to remove the affected testicle.

Many males think that orchitis can only be allowed to develop. But to ensure high-quality sleep is essential to prevent orchitis.

Lack of sleep can lead to decreased testosterone levels in men. It has been reported that testosterone is a steroid hormone, which plays a vital role in libido, energy, muscle mass, bone mineral density, and immune function. In addition, scientists have learned about the relationship between sleep quality and aging and sex hormones. For example, starting in their 20s or 30s, men's testosterone levels fall by 1% to 2% a year; Lack of sleep in young men can reduce sex hormone levels.

Sleep is a huge source of human health, and people can not ignore its effect on men's health. Unfortunately, modern men are under tremendous pressure in life and work, so staying up late and working overtime has become common. So how can a man sleep well? To this problem, experts have the following suggestions.

First, do not do nervous mental work before sleeping, intense exercise, or physical labor. Instead, it should be walking outdoors. And do not eat late or overeat dinner. You should eat light food that is easy to digest, pay attention to eating more vegetables and a certain proportion of miscellaneous food to keep the stool smooth. Avoid using too much spicy seasoning.

It is not suitable to drink stimulative drinks as strong as tea or coffee and drink too much juice. Smoke, tea, and coffee can stimulate the brain, making it difficult for the brain to enter the inhibition state. And drink too much liquid will lead to an increase in urination times, which is not conducive to falling asleep again.

If you want good sleep, you should also develop the habit of washing your feet with warm water. Before sleeping, wash your feet with warm water for 15-20 minutes, which can expand the blood vessels of your feet, promote the blood circulation of the lower limbs, and help you get to sleep quickly. If possible, you can use warm water to wipe your body or bathe with hot water. Take off the coat before sleeping, change underwear in time, and wear a loose jacket if necessary. Keep the bedding clean and dry frequently to kill bacteria.

Secondly, men should develop a good habit of sleeping and getting up on time and follow the objective law of intersection of sleep and awakening. It will stabilize rest and avoid excessive fatigue of the cortical cells.

Therefore, if men want to have a healthy body index and avoid orchitis, they should ensure a good sleep.

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