Did you know you can decode a person's thoughts and feelings using the amazing face reading techniques in this article?

In most cases, these methods are the easiest to use because a person's face is almost always accessible. And while some people can keep their expressions neutral, they can't always keep up the charade or control every muscle twitch on their faces.

If you want to discover some of the most amazing face reading techniques, read on.

Amazing Face Reading Technique # 1: The Sniffles

A person with a cold can't help but sniffle every once in a while. But sometimes, nose sniffling can reveal more than a random virus. Sometimes, the sniffling can mean something else entirely. There are different ways to interpret nose sniffling, depending on the situation.

For example, if a person sniffles during a discussion about material wealth, that person is more or less feeling a twinge of envy. What would follow the sniffle is an attempt to squash said feeling by talking about their own material wealth.

On the other hand, if a person is trapped in an unpleasant situation, the sniffling can either mean they're about to cry, or preparing to suck it up and come out on top.

Amazing Face Reading Technique # 2: Upturned Head

This next one should be amusing. People who think highly of themselves and lowly of others tend to walk around with their heads higher than normal. This upturned head is usually accompanied by a haughty look or a crossing of arms, depending on the person. You're going to need a lot more ammo to impress a person like this.

Likewise, a person who walks around with their head down low is one who has self-esteem issues. It is very likely that their back is often hunched as well.

Amazing Face Reading Technique # 3: Tight Jaws

When a person jaw is tight, they're probably uncomfortable or angry at something. On the other hand, if a person's jaw is relaxed, it means that the person is not at all tense.

Looking at people's jaws helps you determine your next move. If you want to discuss the subject of a raise, don't approach the person when their jaw looks rigid. Find a time when it is more relaxed.

There are a lot of amazing face reading techniques out there available for your use. These methods can help you in a lot of decision-making moments, so be sure to study them carefully one by one.

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