You're in the stage of acceptance where you acknowledge the reality of not being in a relationship with your previous partner. The emotional roller coaster experience was tough but you stood strong and coped up well from the break up. You have moved on, and able to be productive with daily routine. But along the rode you come to realize life seems incomplete without your past love. You want to get your ex back now but you ask yourself, "How"? Follow these amazing advice to get your ex back now.

Do your research. Get updates to where your ex boyfriend or girlfriend is living. Attain information from friends about work and other activities he or she is busy with. This will give you ideas on how to reconnect with your ex. No communication is always the case after break ups occur. This is normal since both parties should take time to let loose and heal. It's important to know if your ex is happy with someone else.

If your ex is happily married with someone else then I guess it's time to give way for new love. Respect his or her decision, and be mature to what may happen. Life doesn't end here. Give yourself opportunities to find new love. You'll never know with just a little luck you might get married to the love of your life.

Reconnect as a friend. Getting much information about your ex' present life will give you an idea of the perfect time to reconnect. Don't get too discouraged if your ex won't reach out back because they might not have recovered from the break-up.

Be casual. Invite your ex for double dates or lunch out with friends. Make your ex feel that your intentions are to catch up and be friends again. There's nothing wrong with being friends after a break up. It's were happy, steady and long-lasting relationships start. And you would want to forget bitter moments and learn from the good memories. Take this as an advantage. Offer to help with charity works, curricular activities, or any events that will help you get closer.

Trust is important. By this time you should have built good rapport with your ex. He or she may be able to trust you again and welcome you back in their lives as a friend. Don't ruin his or her trust by building schemes of getting your ex back. The feelings and event should come in mutually.

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