It has been seen that rheumatoid arthritis is quite alleviated with alternative therapies compared to regular ones. And this observation has given rise to rejuvenated hopes for rheumatoid arthritis patients.

By itself RA is a disorder which has not any particular remedy by way of any traditional treatment. Simply one thing possible is to alleviate the signs and symptoms. Some patients of RA undergo flares which exist only for a short time and don’t recur before long. But a lot of other individuals have recurrent and intolerable flares. During the outbreaks, the joints are badly painful and the individual becomes almost invalidated. Because of the decline of the joints, the invalidity worsens and there is also exacerbation in the psychological sorrow

Alternative treatments are useful to generate physical and psychological exhilaration in the status. But it should be understood that prior to seeking any of the alternative medications, you have to take the permission of your healthcare provider and inform him or her thoroughly of your venture.

Acupressure and Acupuncture

These two Chinese treatments are now very well famed for comforting pain and a lot of other disorders. In acupuncture, special sort of needles are made use of to deflate some particular points on the body which creates the useful result, while in acupressure, points mostly on palms and feet are applied pressure to generate the desired reflex. There are researches available signifying that by using these two methods there is more discharge of endorphins and hence inflammation is lightened substantially. Prior to starting any of these treatments you must perform 2 important tasks. To start with you have to get consent of your doctor and secondly seek a genuine expert of these therapies.

Mind-Body Therapies

Plenty of relaxation methods for example tai chi and meditation have been seen to be fairly helpful for rheumatoid arthritis. In RA, pain is the predominant expression which makes life sad for patient. Therefore pacifying procedures are greatly advantageous to deal with RA. Scientific studies conducted in 2002 showed that mind-body therapies e.g. relaxation, bio-feedback and imagery give rise to alleviation in soreness, psychological as well as physical status and power to withstand. It was also revealed that people suffering from short term length of the disease got more advantage with the help of these techniques.


Massage is useful in RA for relieving soreness and inflexibility of joints. A lot of physicians too advocate their RA patients to take massage. Also stress hormones and depression are reduced due to massage as revealed by scientific researches. Moreover there is lessening in ache and spasms, rise in pain-killing endorphins and enhancement in sleep as well as immunity. Here also you need to take care of informing your healthcare provider of massage and choosing a massage therapist who is skilful enough to provide you the actual goodness of massage and who is specifically skilled in offering massage to patients with rheumatoid arthritis.


There are many supplements sold in the market which claim to bring relief to persons suffering from RA and some really do well. However you should be careful enough to get informed about them prior to trying. Inform your healthcare provider in the first place. After all, physician comes across several patients and has wide information than you or any other layman. Further you can ask the chemist regarding the trustworthiness of the product. Also you need to purchase from a renowned firm who takes caution to manufacture the product of real standard at least to keep with their reputation. Another Care you can take is watching the label for your country’s respective pharmacopeias notation to ascertain that the manufacturer has followed the principles.

This way, in the ailment like RA you can always choose complementary therapies following necessary caution to get good response.

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Blood test for rheumatoid arthritis is done to determine type of disease, after you know if you have the disease and what type you can try natural remedies for rheumatoid arthritis.