Arthritis appears most commonly among old people who are commonly affected by other conditions that are equally yet separately debilitating. And with other conditions, it is easy to find conventional medicines that would interfere with the ongoing suffering yet produce side effects that are unacceptable enough, with this condition, there are immediate needs for more treatments that are less prone to producing harmful side effects. Most commonly, people turn towards alternative and complimentary medicines to produce the best of both worlds.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine as used for arthritis pain relief is not within the mainstream of conventional medicine. However unlike before, this group of medical practices is now more tolerable in the scientific and medical community due to recent studies that provide their efficacy of use and the observable results that such practices could produce. Besides, there are too few cases, if actually there are any, of intolerable results such as aggravation of arthritis through using alternative and complimentary measures.

Thus, while alternative and complimentary measures used for the production of satisfactory relief from arthritis pain may not be scientifically backed yet, it can’t still be negated that they are effective since they actually produce good results. Nonetheless, the scientific community is on its way to studying this type of approach towards arthritis.

Having said that, we have established that using alternative solutions for arthritis pain relief will not only produce effective results but are also non-risky against the general health of the patient.

While there may be lots of approaches used under the umbrella of alternative medicine, only some will be discussed here. Practitioners are strictly advised to familiarize themselves fully with the scope of each alternative treatment towards arthritis pain relief.

One of the most popular alternative treatments used in America is the acupuncture. It is not only found used for arthritis but also among a number of other diseases. It is now being regulated by the World Health Organization (WHO) as one of the main options for chronic pain and considers the acupuncture needles as medical devices.

This is based on the Chinese principle that our body is composed of Chi or energy portals that have major roles in the maintenance and optimizing of health. Acupuncture will help resettle the balance in the flow of energies. Many studies in the past have already established that acupuncture is truly effective in treating both rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Magnetic Therapy
The last couple of years have let surface the use of Tens Unit devices against pain and a large number of conditions and diseases. However, this knowledge is not new. In fact, way back to the early times of Greeks and Chinese, there were already plenty of evidences that could lead to the use and effectiveness of this therapy against a variety of health conditions. Nonetheless, skeptics still provide evidences that the effects of magnetic theapry are purely psychological. This does not permit support of the patients from the option though.

Massage Therapy
Also among the most commonly used alternative therapy for arthritis pain relief, massage therapy advocates the management of pain through Electronic Pulse Massager careful manipulation of the muscles and the joints for relaxation and reduction of pain. There are various types of massages used for arthritis pain relief but even the simplest touches often provide some reprieve against the sting of arthritis pain.

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Complementary and Alternative Medicine as used for arthritis pain relief is not within the mainstream of conventional medicine.