Anxiety disorders are neurological disturbances which can be characterized by various signs of excessive fear, worry, tiredness, and repetitive thinking. Many of the individuals struggle with panic attacks, mood swings, headaches, and even sleep disorders. These disturbances can be caused due to the sudden demise of a beloved one, loss in business affairs, accident, or loss of a job.

❏ Anxiety disorders can cause chemical imbalances which are vicious enough to disrupt the daily routine. In this context, sleep is attacked promptly. Most of the people suffering from anxiety issues have sleep disorders. Inadequate sleep leads to severe complications like poor concentration level, low interest in social interactions, extreme fatigue, and depressed mood.

❏ This mental illness can be treated with proper medication and psychotherapy. Health science has provided some soporific medications, out of which Alprazolam turns out to be the most effective medicine.

1. Alprazolam: An Introduction

➢ Alprazolam is the most widely used medication to treat anxiety disturbances or sleep-related anxiety issues.
➢ It is benzodiazepine-anxiolytic, a kind of minor tranquilizers that functions over relaxing brain cells and decreasing excessive activities of the neurotransmitters.
➢ Alprazolam is merchandised under the brand name of Xanax. Xanax pills and Xanax tablets are extensively used for treating anxiety disorders because of its instant working mechanism and stress relieving action.
➢ Xanax work on anxiety is quite notable. It is often recommended by doctors for the treatment of sleep ailments, generalized anxiety disorder, panic attacks, and post-traumatic sleep disorder.

2. Working Mechanism of Xanax Tablets

➢ Alprazolam consisting Xanax tablets have well and an efficient working mechanism to cure anxiety as well as slumber disturbances.
➢ Xanax functions on GABA (gamma-amino butyric acids) receptors which regulate sleeping patterns, relaxation of the brain cells and transmission of anxiety signals.
➢ This medicine helps in lowering down the transmission of stress signals, decreases excessive brain activity and alleviates agitation by inducing sedative effects.
➢ Xanax pills are quite efficacious in relaxing the brain signals generating chronic attacks.

Xanax tablets are fast in action and leave the body once the medicine is properly absorbed. However, this medicine carries some side-effects as well. In case of severe complications, one must consult a doctor immediately.

3. Side effects of Alprazolam
Some common adverse effects caused by using Xanax pills are:-
➢ Drowsiness
➢ Dry Mouth
➢ Dizziness
➢ Ataxia or lack of coordination between body parts
➢ Slurred speech
➢ Confusion
➢ Loss of memory
➢ Frequent urination
➢ Extreme fatigue or tiredness
➢ Vertigo
➢ Hallucinations
➢ Jaundice

4. General precautions
Xanax pills are strong and effective medicines. However, in several cases some precautions must be taken to avoid adverse effects and severe health complications

➢ Pregnant or lactating women and women planning to conceive must avoid Xanax tablets. This medication may pass into the womb and affect the growing fetus. One must consult a doctor before taking such medication.
➢ Alprazolam or Xanax pills should be avoided in case a person is diagnosed with severe heart, liver, lung or kidney disease, glaucoma, and sleep apnea.
➢ Individuals taking any other sedative or soporific medications for depression or anxiety must not take Alprazolam as the interaction of two antidepressants can cause severe complications.
➢ Old-aged people must consult a certified physician before taking Xanax. These are strong medications and elderly people may not bear the instant mechanism of the medicine. It is recommended to consult a doctor promptly.

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Alprazolam or Xanax sleeping tablets are beneficial medication to treat anxiety and sleep disturbances. Using it for more than prescribed dose can generate addiction. These medications should be used wisely as per the recommendation of a doctor.