When we go through physical or mental pain, you have to allow yourself the time needed to heal. We don’t always allow ourselves the needed time to do so. Our body has its own mechanism that shuts off when we are in need of rest. We feel pain or we might get tired, that is our body saying “enough” time to rest and heal.

If you have had surgery, or a car accident, etc., our body needs to recover both physically and mentally. You might recover physically from them, but you have to recover mentally as well. Both take time and you have to be gentle with yourself. If you try and do things too soon after a traumatic event, your body will let you know by signaling pain. If you get into a vehicle after an accident, you mind is still not over the trauma. This is when you have to take baby steps. Get in a car and just sit there, don’t drive anywhere. Next time drive a block, this will seem uncomfortable at first, but by doing this slowly you will become more at ease.

Everyone heals at a different pace. Some people heal quickly while others take a little more time. Our bodies have different levels of sensitivity.

Stop the worrying! If you’ve been down due to the flu, or you’re recovering from surgery you might feel overwhelmed by catching up on things while you were down. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Take things a little at a time until you are fully recovered. Do what you can and let your body heal. When we overdue things while we are trying to heal, that’s when things can get worse. Your body will get exhausted and the recovery time will be even longer.

Take all the time you need to heal and call upon others if you need additional help. Remember, your present situation is only temporary, allow yourself the time needed to heal.

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