Allowing Abundance Into Your Life
The Circulation of Life

"You are already a success, just allow it to be expressed" ~ Adam Bercier

Allowing abundance is simple, but not always easy. There is always abundance flowing to you, your are surrounded by abundance. It is only when you put attention on lack, or negative thoughts and emotions that cause undesirable manifestations in your life. The thing is, when we want more of something, or something we don't currently have, a lot of us are in the habit of continuing to focus on the fact that "we don't have it". What needs to happen, is once we realize that we want something, understand that we have created it, it just needs to be manifested into physical reality. And to focus on the fact it is already here, and feel the feeling of already having it in your possession. In this way, we shift to putting our attention on what we want, instead of what we don't want. This is what it means to allow abundance into your life.

I mentioned to focus on the feeling of what you want. Do you know that when we want something, such as a new car, we actually want the feeling that comes with it. When you get a new car, how does it make you feel? Happy, excited, maybe it gives you a bit of adrenaline. That is the feeling you are desiring. And the truth of it all, you can create that feeling at anytime that you please. If you practice this, you no longer will "need" the physical manifestations, because you already have accomplished the feeling of it all! What this means is that you can easily attract an abundance of money, or whatever else you desire!

It is very important that we try and stay in a high state of vibration most of the time. When we are at a high vibrational state, we are healthy, we are happy, we are allowing all good to come into our reality. One way to see what vibration level we are at, is to take a look at how we are feeling at the moment. If you feel sad, or angry, your vibrational level is lower, and if you are happy, peaceful etc you are vibrating at a higher level.

Key tips that will help you allow abundance of all that you desire:

We can't monitor all thoughts, so pay close attention to your emotions to find your vibrational state
Deliberately create the feeling that you want to feel
Look for the good
Be grateful for all that you have now

With all this talk of abundance, what is actually abundance?

Abundance to me, means the limitlessness of everything! There is an unlimited supply of all that we will ever need, at any given time. How can this be?

Well let's break it down a bit. We are energy, everything is energy. Energy is never created or destroyed, it is only transferred or transformed. With keeping it as simple as that, energy is unlimited, there is infinite amounts of energy, more that we could possibly imagine at this point. Since everything is energy, it doesn't matter if you want a bigger house, faster car, more money, better relationships, to go traveling, to swim with the dolphins, or to have large diamonds. You can have it all, there is more than enough for everybody.

There is a circulation of life that happens throughout the whole universe. From the solar system to ourselves. Our blood circulates, the planets circulate, life circulates. What is everything, life included? Energy. So energy circulates. If it is money that you want more of, allow it to circulate through you. This means allowing it to come to you gratefully, but also allowing it to leave you generously. The reason I use money as an example is because most people have a tight hold on money, they don't want to lose any of it, nor give any of it away. Which stops the flow of circulation, and slows the stream of money coming to them as well. When you let money flow freely, you will see an abundance of it.

So when I say that you can allow abundance into your life, I really mean you can allow anything you can imagine into your life, and in unlimited amounts. And you don't have to worry about taking someone's piece of the pie, because again, there is an unlimited supply of all.

There is a quote that has been used many times, in slight variations, I am not sure where the source of the quote is from, but hopefully it will shed some light of what has been said here.

"Out of abundance he took abundance, and still abundance remained" ~ Unknown

So matter what you want, there is still an abundance there for everyone else.

Abundance is energy, you are energy. It is one of the same. You ARE abundant. It is all here waiting for you!

Release stress and tension from your body, allow the creative spirit and energy to run to and through you! You will never feel so alive, and at peace. You will manifest all that you desire into your reality, when you start allowing abundance into your life! And don't forget, an abundance of money. :)

Sending Energy Your Way,

Adam Bercier

Author's Bio: 

Adam Bercier is a certified law of attraction practitioner. He helps others understand the law of attraction and how to apply it into their lives. Whether to discover how to attract money or how to go about attracting love into their life.