Every year, new allergy medication on the market, with more hours of support from allergy symptoms. Of course, they will give you a stronger side effects.

In addition, all the over-the-counter and prescription medications for allergies, just masking the symptoms without addressing the cause, so you have every season. I heard that a friend said that his best season is winter, because it is only in the winter it can be a pollen allergy free. During other seasons every year, allergy medications make your life miserable.

Many people with allergies to believe that locally produced honey can reduce the symptoms. The idea is that bees are pollen spores when they are from one flower to another - spores, which are then transferred to their honey.

It is believed that eating the honey, even a tablespoon a day, you can develop immunity through gradual exposure.

For whatever reason, the New York Times recently decided to report this thread citing negative for almost a decade old study, including:

"The research scientists after dozens of people with allergies during the spring allergy season were randomly divided into three consumed tablespoonful daily collects, unpasteurized and unfiltered honey,. Ate next commercial honey, and a third was given corn syrup with synthetic honey flavoring placebo.

After months of surveillance entities symptoms, the researchers found that the honey groups saw improvements compared with the placebo group. '

I wonder how much research, published earlier this year came to an entirely different conclusion!

This brand new study assessed the birch pollen honey or regular honey symptoms and medication during birch pollen season in advance of seasonal effects of its use.

From the total of 44 patients diagnosed with birch pollen allergy consumed either birch pollen honey or regular honey daily from November to March. The control group consisted of 17 patients who had only using the usual allergy medication to control symptoms.

I heard a remedy for measures to cure pollen allergies.

For the first time, get a bottle of local honey from the farmers market or local shops (at the store).

Second Cut into small chunks of lemon and honey mix the lemon slices. And then continue lemon honey refrigerator a week.

3rd Eat 1 or 3 tablespoons of honey with lemon pieces every morning on an empty stomach for several months. This is done for several seasons.

Please note that only local honey works because only local honey has a pollen allergy. Shopping center honey harvest honey from the farm, where only one type of flower, planted to feed the bees.

My friend tried it and it worked for him. Also, I wrote this on another site. Madam, It is about 20 years ago, and she loved Pollen Allergy-many-many-many years. Twice a year, until she had a miserable pollen allergy. She said that she worked for her.

Scientifically, I think it makes sense. Because doctors use allergy shots to treat severe pollen allergy, shots are only a tiny amount of pollen. With slow exposure of pollen over time, your body gets used to it and stop responding to allergy symptoms.

Local honey contains local pollen. Change of honey and citric acid, for an unknown reason, which improves local honey curing power.

Now no matter what basically is, it has no side effects, it's easy to do and it is a pollen allergy cure.

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