Any red painful swelling on the body is inflammation. This is the body’s normal response to the healing process. Inflammation results from various factors and classified according to its severity. The body regulates inflammation naturally, prolonged exposure might lead to multiple diseases. Therefore, close monitoring is required for inflammation to prevent it from persisting.

C 60

Inflammation is the body’s protective response against pathogens, irritants, and toxins. As soon as injury or disease occurs, acute inflammation happens to prevent the harmful stimulus from entering the body. This involves plasma and white blood cells moving to the area of injury. A chemical reaction in the cells and tissue has symptoms including:


Increase in blood flowing to the injured area creates more redness and heat. More blood and fluid in the cells leads to swelling. Release of chemicals by the body stimulated nerve endings to cause pain. Removal of the injurious stimuli ceases inflammation and elation symptoms.

Causes of acute inflammation

Physical injury, toxins, disease, irritants, and chemicals might cause acute inflammation. Rapid occurrence of acute inflammation might be caused by scrapes, burns, broken burns, and scratches. Exposure and nature of hazardousness of toxins, chemical irritants, and radiation might cause instant inflammation or after a some time. Delayed inflammation might be caused by things that infect the body internally including:

Foreign bodies

Protecting the body from inflammation with carbon 60

Regular intake of C 60 is a good idea to make your body prepared to fight inflammation. Carbon 60 is good at scavenging free radicals helping to reduce inflammation for conditions like arthritis. This water-soluble supplement is good at suppressing inflammation in the bones and joints. In the mitochondrial, carbon 60 makes it regain balance correcting the immune system. This significantly lessens the chances of inflammation.

How relief from inflammation occurs

Relief from inflammation happens in a short while. The normal appearance of tissue is restored after completion of healing and regeneration. White blood cells become normal in the body and cellular blood flow is restored. Afterward, the redness, pain, and swelling completely stop and movement is completely restored.

Chronic inflammation

This results from a malfunctioned biochemical process. During chronic inflammation, proteins move to the site of injury. Dysfunction happens since the presence of proteins causes damage to the place of injury and restoration takes longer and is a bit harder. The signs and symptom of chronic inflammation might include:


Scar tissue

Abscess formation

Cellular destruction

Chronic inflammation might last for days, weeks, months, and years leading to various inflammatory diseases including rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, hay fever, and atherosclerosis. Additionally, this inflammation makes the body to react by destroying and healing tissue. Fibrosis is likely to happen to lead to collagen production and eventual scar formation.

Who is most at risk of chronic inflammation?

Everyone should be concerned about preventing inflammation from getting out of control. You have to do whatever it takes to avoid such a scenario. This requires understanding your chances of getting inflammation. Overweight people are at high risk since their immune system regularly attacks fat deposits. The fat cells leak or open filling the macrophages with debris leading to release of chemicals to cause inflammation.

People with type II diabetes are also at risk of inflammation or are likely to develop high inflammation after a few years. Chronic inflammation is directly related to heart disease since the arteries are filled with plaque leading to heart attacks. Inflammation is related to feeling tired and fatigued all the time. People with depression and anxiety are at high risk of chronic inflammation.

There’s more

As people grow, the body changes significantly. It leads to the production of pro-inflammation chemicals with less anti-inflammation chemicals. Including carbon 60 in your diet is a wonderful idea to replenish the body’s ability to fight inflammation. Additionally, this supplement will make you age like fine wine with better skin and brain function.

In conclusion

Inflammation is a natural response by the body during injury and disease attacks. However, prolonged inflammation comes with detrimental effects including scar tissue, fibrosis, and cellular destruction. Regular intake of carbon 60 is a great idea to make your body prepared to heal from injury or disease without any negative effects of inflammation. This should be backed by other strategies like weight loss and regular exercise.

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