An electrical control panel provides an extremely reliable and wonderfully effective way to control and operate mechanical equipment in a manufacturing plant. These panels control nearly all pieces of circuitry today. Electrical control panel manufacturers in India thus design these panels in a way that maximizes productivity and ensures a good ROI in the long run. But have you ever wondered how do they do that? What components do electrical control panel suppliers use to accomplish these objectives? If you haven’t yet, then this blog is just what you need to read!

Here is a brief introduction to the basic components of an electrical control panel.

Power components

These components are used to regulate and control the power flow to the physical equipment:

Circuit breakers: A circuit breaker is essentially an electric power switch which could turn itself both on and off on the basis of the voltage conditions. For example, inrush current resulting from a short circuit would cause the circuit breaker to disrupt the power flow in order to protect the circuit reset.

Fuse: A fuse is a very simple yet extremely crucial security component which protects the equipment from dangerous electrical conditions such as a disproportionate increase in the current flow. In such conditions, the fuse’s metal wire would blow up which would disrupt the powerflow. However, you need to replace the fuse once it bows in order to resume operations.

Motor starter: Ask the best electrical control panel manufacturers in India and they will tell you how important the motor starter is in an electrical control panel. A motor starter basically controls the matter and is a combination of various devices including circuit breakers, overload relays, and many others. Soft starters have also been introduced for simplifying operations. This can eliminate the chances of any electrical surge or a mechanical shock occurring.

Variable frequency drive: This component alters the voltage to control and manipulate the motor’s speed. Even though these advanced power controllers are a bit expensive, they provide a high degree of control and reliability and enhance safety.

Control components

The operating sequence of the physical element may even be controlled by using control components and from within the panel itself. These components include:

Control relays: A control relay is a very simple and basic logical device. You could energize or de-energize its coil by passing a small current. The relays are then utilized to power on or power off larger loads like contactors and actuators.Electrical control suppliers in India would tell you that this is a very crucial control component.

Timing relays: Timing relays have timers built within them to add delay within a device’s control at the instant the coils are energized. Repeat cycle is a type of timing relay, whose contacts are designed to change states continuously and repeatedly when the coil gets energized at a preset frequency.

Other types of components that may be included in an electrical control panel would include programmable logic controllers, digital meters, operator interfaces, pilot devices like pushbuttons, etc.

Hopefully, this blog would have provided you with a good introduction to the basic components of an electrical control panel. Thank us later!

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