Wow, what an incredible feeling when dreams come true.  Everyone has a dream for their life.  The trick is to not get to attached to how the dream actually appears.  The process of manifestation is out of the individual’s control.  If you have a dream, a wish, a desire, make the best possible choices to move towards creating that reality.

I can see a dream of mine manifesting before my eyes.  Its a long held dream, and I made lots of sacrifices and difficult choices to create a life where this particular dream is possible to manifest.  If you continue to read my blog, you will learn in the upcoming weeks.

Today, I am writing about how to create the space for new opportunity to enter and manifest into reality.  This is applicable to anyone’s dreams.

Dream BIG!  Close your eyes, breathe deep, find that relaxed alpha state, and in your mind’s eye DREAM the MOST INCREDIBLE DREAM.  No limits!!!  Dream into a place where everything is possible.  Smile.  Enjoy the dream. Envision yourself fulfilling your dream and feel your heart swell with gratitude, hope, and possibility.

Now, you have your dream in your mind’s eye.  Record it through a journal or vision board, or a method that works for you.  Take the dream out of your mind, and record it in a tangible manner so you can see it and refer back to it.  Because, let’s be honest, living into the dream in not possible every moment of every day.  Life keeps moving on and we some times forget about our BIG DREAMS!

Now that you have your dream recorded, take inventory, how is your dream different from your current reality?  What changes can you make to move closer to your dream?  What are your limiting beliefs and thoughts the separate you from your dream?  Write those downs.  There are many tools and techniques available to help remove, reprogram, and change limiting beliefs.  Find techniques that work for you and use them.

Creating space in your life for your dream to manifest.  An easy example, if you are looking to find a partner to live with you, make room in your closet for that person.  That is taking action, making the space.  (My closet is filled, so no that’s not my dream I am working on manifesting today).

Keep living your life, making the best choices available for you, for your dream.  Follow your intuition, those gut feelings.

One word of caution, be careful with whom you share your dreams.  Everyone has the critics, the dream killers, in our lives. And sometimes, those dream killers are the people closest to us, it could be your parents, partners, or children.  Those people love us in their own way, but there is no reason to share your dreams with dream killers.  I know it hurts when the ones that we love can’t support our BIG DREAMS.  I have learned, and my internal voice will say, “Don’t share that, they aren’t interested.”  Know that loved ones not supporting your dream is all about their journey, fears, and limiting beliefs – it has NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU!!!

Find people that share your hope for a different reality.  Find your supporters that can help you along your path.  And know, this is your path to walk alone.  Supporters are simply supporters.  It is no one else’s responsibility to make your dreams come true.  That’s all up to you, your choices, and your actions.  Believe in yourself, find your personal power to make the best possible choice for YOU.  Empower yourself to make different choices, speak your truth when necessary (and learn when to be quiet), don’t take things personally, and keep moving forward.

Your dreams can come true too!!!

Author's Bio: 

Diane Lauer creates a simple, abundant life for herself, her family, and loved ones. Diane shares her extensive experience and knowledge when working with individuals, groups, and community at large, empowering each person to choose to create an abundant and nurturing life for themselves.

Diane started her journey at the age of 14, when diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. She would never accept a clinical diagnosis of a chronic and (at times) debilitating disease to limit her life. Her journey has been filled with growth opportunities and major life changes. Over the 24 years, Diane has learned to work with her whole self at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level and continues to create a truly abundant and beautiful life.
Diane offers Wellness Coaching, Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, and Yoga services. She utilizes a unique blend of training, knowledge and personal experience to develop a treatment strategy to help each individual reach their full potential of health and wellbeing.

To learn more, visit www.SimpleAbundantWellness.com