For anyone who is on the lookout for a new printer in the market, it is strongly recommended to try out all in one printer. For around the same price of the standard printer, you get half the ability of scanning documents and pictures, copy and also fax.

Generally, all in one printer are available in different genres like office duty, photo-orientation and features that are present for various other purposes. Most of these printing and scanning machines are quite affordable and range from around $79 to $299. There are many things to have your side while you’re buying all-in-one printers.
Here are a few reasons to know that makes all-in-one printers a preferred choice for office and commercial use. All in one printer is typically are available with 5 to 6 ink colors in printers cartridge as you move in mid-range pricing (over $100), compared to standard printers. All these consume their own space, though this would be complicated for using together for completing necessary tasks. This would be the reason most copiers and printer manufacturers produce all-in-one printers, one device that easily completes the job of other machines while only taking the space of streamlining how functions are used together commonly.

Buying a multi function printer can significantly simplify office related works and let you utilize rest of the space which is a concern for small business office and homes. All-in-one printers at the top of many review lists are made through leading brands that develop new technologies and work with ink cartridge refill function since decades.

Scanning Quality

Many people think that the scanning function isn’t much used for all-in-one printers. But, once you get one, it would be great to get the benefit of a number of creative projects. You can use it for scanning artwork of the kids at the year’s end and can publish it through photo book site. You can include clippings, ticket stubs and report cards for anniversary and home-made birthday.

Replacement Machines
Having scanners in your printer can also substitute the requirement of fax machines. Rather than sending fax, it’s better to ask for email address of people and you can scan and send attachments. This would be invaluable for documents that we find while sending to schools, insurance companies, accountants, etc.

It’s better to have simple scanning functions. You can have a look at models with in built feeder for documents. These save annoyance for sending over printer while you scan all documents one page at a time.

Wireless Connectivity

If you’re printing through a number of computers or want to have printer in different locations other than PC, opting for a model with inbuilt Wi-Fi makes a huge sense. Most wireless printers also provide the ability for printing remotely for sending emails directly from the printer-helpful if you’re want to send kids pictures to grandparents.

Requirement of Fax Machines

Faxing can almost become obsolete these days. However, if it is done on a regular basis, you can read all specifications carefully for ensuring that the unit comes with a dedicated fax modem with in-built support for virtual fax services such as eFax.

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