So after spending 10 days at Valorant Having played at least 3 games for all the heroes, we propose to sort all the agents. Riot gave us a “taste” of 10 heroes, each with their own abilities - and one of them is an ultimate ability. First, we are given 5 heroes, in the future it turns out quite quickly to open 2 more heroes (the first literally after 3 games, and the second after 8-10). In general, gaining the right amount of "beta points", you will open two new heroes. But to get the rest, you will need to really sweat. We played for all the heroes. You can test everyone in the training mode, but this mode is unlikely to let you understand all the pros and cons of a certain hero. Each hero has his own role and class. All in the game there are 4 classes: specialists and duelists - three each, guards and instigators - two each. And don't forget to keep statistics of your game with

We will not take the description from the game, as it does not accurately understand the real capabilities of the character. Specialists are agents that have “fumes” that can cut a player off and take him by surprise. At the same time, the "ult" of these agents is capable of delivering a lot of inconvenience to enemies.

Bearded uncle wielding heavy artillery. The coolest ability is orbital strike. Having studied the positions on the map, you can destroy all the enemy players or prevent the opponents from “disintegrating” the spike. A huge radius vortex destroys everyone in the selected area on the map.

The second most useful ability is smoke. This ability comes by default and you do not need to buy it before the start of the round. But you can buy the amount of smoke. "Brimstone" can give up to three smokes to points selected on the map, thereby cutting off calls when playing for "defense" and blocking the viewpoints of opponents when playing in attack.

Incendiary grenade does very little damage, but cuts off the road and takes health from all who step on the flame. The last, almost useless skill is a beacon stimulator. How it works: an ally gets into the range of the beacon, and its rate of fire increases slightly. The skill can be useful during economic or pistol rounds, playing with the killer Sheriff revolver.

Enough creep character with "dark" abilities. He has a lot of good skills, but there are no gambling ones. The ultimate ability allows our agent to move anywhere on the map, this is usually appropriate when moving behind enemies' backs, for example, to their “spawn”, or when moving from “plant” A to “plant” B. Moreover, the enemies understand that Omen uses ultu - at this time the card is darkened.

The two-smoke skill is more useful than the ultimate, and also free. With the help of fumes, you can cut off the passage or view of enemies. One of the skills allows you to teleport twice in a row over short distances. Convenient to slip the "camper" or climb an obstacle. The most useless skill is blindness. If the enemy falls into the zone of blindness, for some time he receives a restriction on visibility within three meters. The skill disappears quickly and, in fact, does not interfere much.

The most toxic character in the truest sense of the word. Of all experts, the most useful agent that can create real problems for opponents. One of the coolest features of Viper is a wall of toxic gases. The skill is free, which makes it possible to cut off a huge section of the map to put a “spike” or block the visibility of snipers. When you press E, the wall appears and disappears in the same way. The toxin accumulates, so you can turn the wall on and off at any time.

Ulta, like the rest of the agent’s skills, is tied to the use of toxic gas. When the “Viper” “ultuets” - a huge cloud of gas appears, which remains while the agent is inside it, while enemies entering the gas take damage and become visible to the agent, highlighted in red. Useful when clearing and clearing mines. The third skill is a smoke grenade with damage. A small cloud of gas that can be called up and removed by pressing Q. And the last skill is a puddle of acid. A small surge of acid on the floor and the enemy can no longer pass without taking damage and not burning themselves.

Agent acting as scout and lurker. The main skill allows you to hang the camera at any point at a distance of about ten meters. Moreover, the camera can perform two useful functions - control a certain point on the appearance of opponents and put a mark on the enemy - a dart, which gives its location in the form of WH.

One of the abilities allows you to put a banner on the exits: when passing through a banner, the enemy begins to highlight through the wall and after a while gets stunned for three seconds. An unpleasant thing for the enemy, allowing you to close your back. The third skill is a trap. Let's just say it's smoke with extra features. When activated, a digital curtain appears, entering into which the enemy slows down. The agent’s “ulta” is useless and is like a “wolf” for a while. But to activate the "ult" - the corpse of the enemy is required.

One of a kind support agent. The most useful character in any rink. Agent capabilities make the most of the game. His coolest ability is ult. It allows you to resurrect a teammate from the dead. It turns out to raise an ally about 2-3 times for the whole match, which is very useful, especially in the final rounds.

The main ability is a treatment that allows you to raise the ally's XP from 1 to 100 in seconds. In this case, you can cure not only teammate, but also yourself. Two more skills allow you to cut off the opponent and slow him down, which is useful when setting up a “plant”. One of the skills creates a huge block of ice, which blocks the way for opponents or cuts off the visibility of a sniper. Also, Sage can freeze the surface and significantly slow down the enemy - this skill is inexpensive and many people buy it in the pistol round.

A dynamic class that is designed for quick rush. Very active agents with lots of unpredictable skills.

Probably the fastest agent in the game. The main idea of ​​the character is in quick and unexpected movements on the map. He has a free skill - high-speed movement. It is very useful at the start of the game to “inflict” an adversary. Snipers also do not like this agent, just because of this ability.

Passive skill - delay in the air. When jumping, the agent begins to soar. The ability is useful when falling from a height or moving smoothly from object to object. Jett's second skill is a high jump. Very useful when jumping on obstacles - the character is at a point uncomfortable for the enemy. Jett also has three smoke.

The "ult" of the agent requires skill and aima, unlike other abilities. When using the ability, knives appear that fend off the character, which are released gradually, causing great damage, or immediately everything that is useful when approaching the enemy.

One of the most popular closed beta testing agents. His abilities are the most useful for teammates. The Ulta of Phoenix is ​​the extra life of the character. You are given the opportunity to play a double character for a while. After his death, the hero returns to the place where he used the ability. The hero is able to throw a flame of fire on the surface, which significantly "damages" the enemies passing through it.

At the same time, "Phoenix", stepping on its own fire, replenishes its health. The third ability allows you to create a wall of fire, which can cut off the enemy and give teammates the opportunity to go to the "plant" without getting a bullet in the back. This wall damages enemies and heals the Phoenix. A very useful ability of an agent is two flash drives that can blind anyone who gets into their field of action. The main thing is to learn how to throw them out correctly.

If you have the opportunity to take a new agent, do not hesitate to take the “Raise”. The only agent with grenades in the arsenal. Moreover, grenades cause unrealistic damage. Throwing a grenade at the players' default position, you can kill the floor of the team. Given that the ability is free, the ability can be attributed to the "imbovymi".

The ultimate ability is a huge RPG, able to "swan" everyone. One of the abilities makes a majority smile - it’s calling a small vacuum cleaner that can detect an enemy, destroy or cause damage by approaching it at close range. The last skill is a small satchel that can be used as a grenade-stick or springboard for agents.

An ideal class for cleaning “default” corners from “campers”.

An ideal reconnaissance class with the ability to see enemies through walls with a firing sensor. If you successfully shoot, then you can see all the opponents and give information to teammates. Also, the “Owl” can fire arrows with electric discharges that cause damage to enemies in the area of ​​the arrow.

Another of the agent’s features is a drone that can mark a player for a while, while all teammates also see the location of the enemy. Owl’s “ulta” is very powerful, allowing three lightning strikes through the wall. When an agent hits the enemy, it is highlighted, which allows him to finish off with a second or third shot.

For the most part, this is one of the most useless and uninteresting characters, capable of causing problems only to "campers". His very first free ability stuns a huge number of players in the area of ​​effect of the skill. Since it works through walls, it allows you to check the "default" position of the "campers" at the entrance to the "plant". The agent also has a flash drive that can blind everyone who looks in her direction.

The third ability is a rocket, which can destroy all enemies in the zone of its action. It is convenient to shoot a charge through the walls, thereby killing “campers” standing with a shotgun. Ultimate is a series of walls from explosions: effective when it is known where the enemy is. Often used to protect the "plant."

To summarize. The abilities of the characters do not so much decide in the game as the ability and ability to read the enemy. We hope that Riot Games will continue to release new agents, which will be easier to open than now.

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