What separates tech leaders from the herd is their deep understanding of what technology can achieve. After understanding the possibilities, they work their finger to the bone to achieve the desired results.

One such tech leader we at Insights Success a Best Business Magazine came across is Alexander Taits, the Founder and CEO of FusionFlight.

We got into conversation with Alex to know more about his entrepreneurial journey and how FusionFlight is unlocking the full potential of Microturbine Tech.

Below are the highlights of the interview:

What would be your advice to budding entrepreneurs who aspire to venture into the Aerodynamics sector?

My biggest advice for budding entrepreneurs would be to treat the venture as a learning experience. Never go into your business for the money or for the fame, your focus must be the technology – it must be fun for you, and you must be passionate about it. There will be many, many failures along the way, and by accepting these failures as lessons, rather than failures, you can avoid depression, and keep the momentum rolling forward. Every time I go out to do a test, even if I fail, I repeat one important phrase in my head: “whether you succeed or fail does not mean a thing because trying IS success, realize that 99% of people don’t even try.”

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