Though, in majority analyzed cases it's the stimulating condition who gives rise to alcohol addiction, but still there are other responsible characteristics as well, who are completely logical and based on proves and observation. Now, even if a person shares a sound well ethnic company then why the risk of involvement in alcohol addiction is still there? The answer is clear there are many people whose family history is quite rich and filled being victim of alcohol addicts and sometimes the individual himself stays completely unaware of the fact. In such cases as time passes the genetic structure influence alcohol metabolism and urge for alcohol get triggered, these people usually start drinking at early age as compared to the others. Researchers showed that average drinkers are teenagers or early adolescents, who in later age develop the uncontrollable desire for drinking which grows intense with time.

Horrifying incidents and experiences of childhood, who leaves unhealed wounds of time is also a big responsible factor for alcohol addiction. Depression, jealousy, social complexes, failures of life and wrong decisions which leads to irreversible conditions are also the dominating areas supporting wide and uncontrollable spread of alcohol addiction. Alcohol has deep and tragic effects on both physical and mental conditions which eventually distort and ruin all social connections as well. Focusing on physical damage alcohol addiction severely affects cardiac system, diet and nutritional sources. Further, it also creates problems in sexual dysfunction, ulcers, breast cancers, liver diseases and various cancers. Considering the psychological transformations the significant disorders are anxiety and depression disorders. The most hyperventilating disorders are Bulimia, Post traumatic stress disorder, borderline stress disorder, antisocial disorder and bipolar disorder.

Alcohol rehabilitation is clinics and certain centers which help in retrieving the normalization setup of the individual through proper consistent medicines along, with therapies guidance and health improving strategies. The alcohol rehabilitation centers gives and satisfies the hope in eyes of addict's relatives who want their loved ones back to normal live and an accepted part of society. Always and in every case need of alcohol rehabilitation is not needed, as for the people who have not traveled so far in the journey of drinking they can always return and focus on their lives this habit and what it's doing to them.

Another treatment which is commonly used is to provide person with certain medicine or substance which cause severe and unpleasant reaction to alcohol. Therefore growing awareness has constituted many alcohol rehabilitation centers around the world with support of helping hands through common people.

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