Marriage problems in the 21st century have become quite common. These may vary from minor, crisis-level to serious, with every stage demanding a specific treatment. When problems in one’s nuptial turn unhealthy, destructive and unmanageable or lead to intense emotional distress, they should consult someone outside their marriage for helping them, someone who can maturely address the root cause behind the conflict and help them come out of this bad phase. Here the best recommendation will be to consult Jacques Tombazian, one of the most successful holistic healing experts in Canada.

Helping couples reunite

Typically a marriage crisis takes place when unnecessary stress or an unresolved clash causes the anxiety level to get too severe for the husband and the wife to manage. Hopelessness, frustration, dissatisfaction, resentment and anger as a result take control of this relationship. Normally the couple continues with the negative interactions and at extreme cases disengages completely and the liaison shuts down. In this world every individual is different and unique. From being very reserved to having a wild temperament, everyone is different. One of the main issues in a relationship crops up when a couple stops respecting each other’s individuality and begin taking her/him for granted. Besides, if the husband and wife are poles apart like chalk and cheese, severe issues can take place. But with an experienced relationship or marriage counsellor like Jacques Tombazian one is in safe hands as he will help in reiterating the truth that when a bond has mutual understanding, contradictory people can live a blissful long life together.

Healing a broken marriage is not impossible

Healing a broken marriage is not something which is impossible. But for this the couple will have to take some initiative. At a point when they realize that their wedding is on the rocks, instead of blaming one another and making things worse they will have to act maturely. If neither of them calms down, face their faults or takes steps to fix their relationship it will be just too late. Thus it is always best to consult a counsellor to get back to normalcy. The holistic practitioner in Alchemy 111, Jacques Tombazian over the years have gained immense recognition for being amid the best and one-stop solution provider for different relationship problems. A broken marriage takes away a major part of an individual’s life and thus they should make genuine efforts to put off parting ways. The team at Alchemy 111 will stand by a couple in each of their steps. Their counselling session includes the below mentioned strategies,

• Patiently listen to both the husband and the wife and find out the root cause that resulted in the collapse of their relationship. Using this tactic helps them in addressing these problems up front. In fact, even a small incident that occurred in the past can turn into a dispute and they can sort such mutual differences too

• The healing programs that they offer can help a troubled couple in reaching a higher level of spirituality and self-consciousness which aids to create the right union amid the mind, soul and body

• Couples are imparted new relationship skills which includes overcoming negative emotions like anger and ego

• When a relationship travels through rough patches, most couples decide to stop communicating. At Alchemy 111, the team has created a milieu for them to listen and talk to one another and in solitude

Thousands of marriages, problems as painful and complex have been solved under the guidance of Jacques Tombazian who studies the couple thoroughly and understand where they are at present and deeply care where they will be in the future. For the ease and comfort of the people he also offers distance healing sessions. Helping distraught couples live a happy married life is amid one of his fortes.

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Jacques Tombazian is a highly recognized holistic healing expert in Canada who offers effective solutions to answer different marriage issues and also offers distance healing sessions for the ease and comfort of his clients.