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Today I booked a flight with Alaska Airlines Customer Service - for 9/22. Conf. # MVAGPO using 60,000 miles for first class. On your website it showed mixed booking with first leg as coach and second leg first class. I subsequently talked to Alaska Airlines Customer Service because my husband requires an accessible seat. American was very helpful and released two seats (that were not previously shown on your website) that would work for him. They told me that if I could provide proof that I had used first class miles that they would further release either business or first class seats for us but it would require Alaska rebooking our reservation and changing the cabin from coach to first class. They also suggested I speak to an Alaska customer Customer Service center supervisor who would understand the request but, instead I called the regular number and talked to the rep. She argued with me that Alaska could not accommodate the request as instructed by American. She also disagreed with me that the seats that American reserved from us were on the website when I made the reservation but I KNOW that American released those seats when I was talking to them and would have also put us in first class if Alaska would change the cabin booking as I mentioned above. I know what American asked me to do although your rep argued with me about their instructions. She told me she had 7 years experience and she checked with someone else who had 24 years experience and both said they had no idea what I was asking. Nothing was accomplished with my call other than making me frustrated. I will call American back and try to get help from them. Their customer service was stellar. Not true of Alaska. I am not happy using 60,000 miles for a 35,000 mile ticket! Strangely I had a similar experience 18 months ago with Alaska and a partner airline.

I fly Alaska Airlines almost every month going from Palm Spings to Portland for over 12 years . I have to say I am generally happy with the service but my flight on August 1st left me a little miffed.
I cannot count the times my flights have been delayed in San Francisco airport which is usually a lay over times up to 4 hours and I have received no compensation. On August 1st my flight from Palm Springs arrived in SF on time and a flight to Portland was leaving from the gate next to where I arrived ...I got on the earlier flight instead of waiting for 2 hours for the booked flight because of the track record of your airlines flying out late....... The part that I really resented is that you made me pay a $50 dollar fee to get on it !!
I also fly thru Seattle also and have never had to pay a fee if a earlier flight has space open and I have no luggage to get on it.
I find the $50 dollar fee a slap in the face of flyers who frequent your airlines.
Flight 383 SFO to PDX passenger Dane Nelson

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