It Starts with Potential Buyers

Allan Neil Kippax and Homerun International or HRI believe that in order to create sales in network marketing, you must have potential buyers. More so, these potential buyers must be placed on the selling funnel; once they get to patronize your products, you should be able to maintain them. Selling funnel means you are motivating and creating the needs and reasons for your potential buyers on why your products and or services are the solutions to their current problems. It is you creating the interest for your potential buyers.

Allan Neil Kippax says it is not That Easy

This may sound easy, but there are many things involved. Therefore, what are the things involved in prospecting your market? Moreover, where to find the best prospects for network marketing and so forth? Read on for what Alan Neil Kippax has to say…

1. Buying Leads

There are companies selling leads. They could range from free to .50 USD. You must evaluate it yourself if these are good leads or not. The leads are some sorts of a database. What is the information stored in these databases? Are these the information you need to prospect potential buyers? If the answer is yes to both questions, then you can say that the leads you have are good.

2. Creating your own leads

Make a website that will collect information about your potential buyers. People search the web for information to solve their problems. Your website should be able to provide solutions to these problems. This way, you will attract people to your website and get them to provide their contact information. If you do not know how to create websites, you may hire someone who does.

3. Allot regular time for your prospecting

Since prospecting is a part of any successful network marketing, make it a habit to set aside a regular time for it. Alan Neil Kippax recommends that if your office hours are from 8 A.M. to 5 P.M., then make your 9:00-9:30 A.M. your prospecting time. During this time, you can think about what techniques are proving successful in your prospecting efforts. You can consider questions such as; “What went well? “ “What went wrong?” “How many prospects do you wish to target for the next week and how exactly you are going to do that?” “Who will be the people that will be involved in it?” “What resources are you going to use in order to make this happened?”

4. Have different techniques for your prospecting

Some potential buyers prefer to be contacted by phone while others might prefer a personal conversation. Some prefer social media. Whatever they prefer, it is necessary that your sales propositions match the preference of your potential buyers. If you have a website where you get the contacts of your potential buyers, you may include an option to choose on how they want to be contacted.

5. Building your referral system

Usually, the best prospects for your network marketing business are your regular buyer’s friends, neighbors, and co-workers. Your regular buyers are the best people who can do the “word-of-mouth” advertising for you. Their testimonies are effective since they have already proven the worth of your products and services. You can offer incentives for their good referrals to get them motivated to do so.

As a final note, Alan Neil Kippax says that lead generation or prospecting does not mean sales. It is only the start of the sales process. You need to convert your leads or prospects to potential buyers. You can do this by creating within them the needs and reasons to buy. We must also maintain our old customers by recognizing them and providing them loyalty programs.

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