Toronto airport taxis and limousines are a quick and easy way to travel around the city, to the suburbs, or wherever you want to go.

At Airport Taxi & Limo Service, your comfort and your business needs are always our first priority. Traveling can be exhausting, no matter where you go. That is why our goal is to elevate our services above the ordinary airport taxi and provide you with the luxury and class you deserve.

With over 8 years of transportation experience, you can trust us to get you anywhere you need to go, whether it's to an important city business meeting or a two-city family reunion.

We offer a wide range of transportation services to residents of the Greater Toronto Area and the surrounding areas, including:

Luxury Transportation: The airport's taxi and limousine service have a fleet of luxury limousines and SUVs to suit your preferences.

Corporate Accounts - Our drivers are trained and qualified to provide diligent dispatch services.

Sightseeing - If you have time to spare, sightseeing in Toronto is an exciting option.

Airport Taxi - For your airport pickup or transfer needs, we have experienced drivers at your service.

Airport Taxi & Limo Service accommodates a variety of different travel budgets. We offer competitive flat rates and never charge you for highway traffic, like other airport taxi companies in the greater Toronto area, for short and long distance transportation. Our chauffeurs will also be happy to wait for you while you take care of your business affairs or if your flight is delayed.

Do not hesitate, call us or use our online reservation form to schedule your transportation accommodation with Airport Taxi & Limo Service.

GTA Airport Taxi and Limousine Service offering an industry leading van transportation service, punctual pickup through their state-of-the-art reservation and dispatch systems.

We have been successful in providing the kind of really simple, seamless, and affordable airport taxi transfer service that you deserve in the greater Toronto area. Discounted Senior Airport Limo Van Taxi Service for seniors in Ontario traveling to and from the Airport Taxi & Limo.

If you are traveling with Children and Family, your young children with Luggage and Strollers, please inform the GTA Toronto Taxi and Limo Service Dispatcher in advance so that special arrangements can be made. For example, children of a certain age/height/weight may require airport taxi car safety seats, rear-facing taxi infant car seats, front-facing taxi toddler car seats, car seat car safety seats in the taxi, or child car seats in airport limousine for the comfort of Your family.

Call Reserve and book your trip in advance for the best flat rate limo deals. Large vans perfect for bikes, skis, ski equipment, and snowboards Transfer to the airport.

By law, drivers can refuse to bring passengers with animals, unless they are service or assistance animals. If you are traveling with an animal and need help hiring a taxi or limousine, ask the curbside attendant to find a vehicle that will accommodate you.

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Airport Taxi & Limo specializes in providing affordable and exceptional limousine/Taxi services to clients all across the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding neighborhoods.