There is a part of today’s existence that not everybody is aware of. It is usual to see today, people fighting over religion, trying to prove that they are the ones on the right track of religion but it is unusual to find people who readily accept others of different religions into a movement, which helps survive the chaos that has now been created by the advent of the Age of Aquarius.
For those who believe and for those who look beyond the restrictive dogmas of this society, the New Age movement is a spiritual movement that incorporates the metaphysical and spiritual teachings in a combination from both the eastern and western traditions and religions.
As mentioned above, the new age movement does not differentiate people on the basis of their traditions or their religions and therefore, the view it presents to this world today is a holistic one incorporating again, both science and spirit.
The idea of this is to combine and utilize the knowledge and the traditions that are already helping a certain sect of people to provide peaceful help to the others too.
The New Age is known as the age of going back to crystals, meditation and reflexology. All these concepts do not sound orthodox because of the backing of scientific evidence that they have now. Today, psychology and metaphysics have proven to this world what people, in the ending phase of age of Pieces did not believe much.
The Age of Aquarius, as believed by some astronomers is characterized by electricity, airplanes, freedom, humanity and liberalization of ideas and actions. On the darker side however, the Age of Aquarius is characterized by non conformity, rebel, psychological and mental disorders and idealism.
A sect of astronomers thinks that given the cuspal effect, the influence of the New Age is felt before the arrival of the Age of Aquarius. Others however are of the view that the New Age arrives after the Age of Aquarius arrives and therefore, since we are shifting into the Age of Aquarius, the New Age is at hand too.
The ideas of New Age have inspired and attracted a large number of followers largely because of its modest, non-extremist views. New Age proposes a vision to the people without taking away from them their life affirming actions. Because it believes in the holistic nature of things, this movement offers a vision of sacredness that does not take away everyday life of the people from them.
Whereas the Old Age focused on the destination of existence, the New Age’s focus is more on the journey of existence. The aim is to make life and to make for the soul, existing in a vulnerable human body easier. Precisely because of these aspects, the scholars who guide others along this path are not concerned about the religious, traditional and societal restrictions that people face in their life. The belief is that the soul is free of all bounds and thus it should be preserved and nourished according to that.

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Rachel Ann writes for the psychic & metaphysical arena and is a reiki master.

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