After hajj, Umrah is the most sacred religious journey of Muslims. It is a pilgrimage to Mecca. It can be performed any time of a year. Not only from Mecca or Saudi Arabia, Muslims from all over the world visit this holy place at least once in a lifetime. They really love to visit this place and enjoys this sacred journey.

Sometimes Umrah also considers as a minor pilgrimage or ‘'minor hajj''. In Arabic it means to visit a popular place. One can perform the Sunnah act any time, except the 5 days of hajj. It is disliked to perform Umrah at the time of hajj.

Umrah is very affordable for everyone. It is also very compulsory to everyone. So each Muslim should visit this place. Muslims perform Tawaf and Kaaba at Umrah.

Beside performing many rituals there are many places where you can visit. If you are new to those places then it will be difficult for you. But if you have a reliable guide you can be relaxed about your journey.

For last many years Noori tour & travel is a leading provider of different Hajj and Umrah packages. They are very famous for these packages. It is a UK based company. It is the most experienced travel company of UK.

All packages are very affordable. They also allow you to create you to create your own Umrah trip according to your time and budget.

Noori travel has a great website where you can visit and book taxi, hotels, tour packages, flight, visa etc. All these services are very affordable.

There are many Umrah packages that provide by them. I will discuss about them below, so you can get a clear picture of these Umrah packages.

Mainly these 2019 Umrah packages in December are divided into three categories. They are -

5* December package
Deluxe package
Economy package

At first we will discuss about 5* December packages which comes in two categories. First one is for 10 days and second one for 13 days.

The duration of 10-day package is from 18th December to 28th December 2018. Five star accommodation will be given to you. You will provide 5 days stay both in Makkah and Madian. It also includes visa, hotel and transport service. This package is available for groups only. Price starts from 545 pounds only.

13 day package is also for groups. The duration of this package is from 21st December 2019 to 3rd January 2015. Beside visa and transport, accommodation you will stay 6 nights in Makkah hotel and 7 nights in Madian . Price starts from 655 pounds.

With the 13 day deluxe package you will provide 2 star hotel for staying in Makkah for 6 nights and four star hotel for staying in Madina for 7 nights. Price starts from 290 pounds.

10 day package is same as the previous. Only you will provide 5 days stay for both Makkah and Madina. Both deluxe packages include visa, transport service. Price starts from 250 pounds.

Economy Umrah 2019 packages are very affordable too. 2 star hotel accommodation is provided in these packages. 13 days economy package starts from 230 pounds and 10 days package starts from 195 pounds.

All these packages are very affordable. Customers from UK and USA, Canada, Pakistan or anywhere else can enjoy these packages by booking them online.

Beside all these exciting offers if you visit their website you will see a complete online Umrah tour guidebook.

They also provide an experienced guide who can help you in any situation when you are traveling with Noori travel.

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