Have you ever wondered what would happen if war was declared and no one showed up?

There is much discussion around the world about creating lasting peace… and yet there is more fighting going on globally than any other time in our history. Why?

I believe that it is because of our belief that we have to fight to have peace!

Fighting for Peace!

Sounds like an oxymoron in my books!

The question I put forth is this:
Why do we need to fight for something we already have?
Peace is not something we need to go get or go find. We certainly do not need to take it from someone else. It is not a tangible asset we can own.

Peace is only ever a state of mind. We are created with the capacity to live in peace by the very structure of our being.

We are living in the most important era of man’s history on this planet. We are in the transitionary time that the Christian Bible calls Armageddon while the Mayan’s celebrate this time with the completion of the turning of the wheel of the Mayan Calendar and the Astrologists call it the Coming of the Age of Aquarius.

No matter what your beliefs are, I am sure you will agree that we are in a time filled with much turmoil.

Massive turmoil is a sign of dramatic change.

Our inner spirit is telling us that things need to change… and are changing whether we like it or not. We feel restless, angry, scared. We don’t know what to do.
We feel nervous so we lash out to protect ourselves at the expense of what we most want for ourselves and for all others… Peace.

Fighting for Peace does not work. Fighting is counterproductive no matter the cause.

Many people say we need to stand up for peace. This is much better but it is not enough!

Just verbalizing a desire for peace is like asking for a drink of water without taking the action of drinking it. Without action, all we have is rhetoric.

So how can we have peace? How can we have long term peace for ourselves and the whole world? How can we stop the fighting?

By taking ownership of peace for ourselves.

By Affirming our own commitment to peace.

We are born peaceful. It is in our nature. It is also in our nature to grow and expand and become more aware of our world. Unfortunately, we have chosen to grow and expand as individuals at the expense of others rather than as individuals within a community.

We have learned in this process that peace is created through controlling external forces.

The truth is that true lasting peace begins from within the individual. The external world is, and only is ever, a reflection of our own inner world!

We all have battles going on inside ourselves as we struggle to master this life we live. We continue to seek peace through material gain, through going to church, through “living right” but it is not working.

These paths are not incorrect, they are just insufficient. In order to truly attain peace, we must own peace. It must be a complete inner conviction that forms the true basis of our life.

We must choose to know and accept ourselves as the experience that we are… both for the acceptable and the unacceptable.

We must learn what it feels like to be affirmed in the energy and notion of peace letting it form the true basis of how we process the experiences we find in our lives.
We must learn to recognize the experiences that serve us well as the amazing human beings we are while we learn to recognize, accept and recreate the experiences that cause us to feel separated from the peace that is us.

It is only through the process of truly affirming and embracing peace within ourselves that peace can begin to manifest in the world around us.

What would you rather do if you were called to fight for peace? Wouldn’t it be better if we just forgot about fighting altogether?

Let’s create the new world that is upon us by each individually choosing to affirm peace in our own lives!
War cannot exist where true peace is the basis of our life expression.

Author's Bio: 

Monty Ritchings is an avid writer of books and blogs about matters of the heart that express themselves in everyday living. Monty has written and published two books in the self help field. Embracing The Blend was originally published in 2007 then re published in 2010 and Stamp Out Stress was published in 2008.
Monty is a Lay Counselor with training in many aspects of energetic healing and core belief work.
Monty lives in Surrey BC near Vancouver Canada

You can find more blogs on Monty’s website at www.powerofsafety.com
Videos of the related visualizations are available on www.youtube.com. Search “Monty Ritchings”