How can you lift yourself up today? Start by affirming who you are and what you have that you appreciate right now!

Don’t underestimate the impact long term of such simple positive affirmations.

Essentially, when you affirm the good parts of now, you grab the benefits of gratitude. Studies have demonstrated time and time again that gratitude has long reaching positive impact on people’s lives.

Affirmations and positive affirmations that deepen your awareness of what’s good in the here and now are useful.

You can accomplish many things with the simplest methods. You can succeed with what you have. You have talents. You are special, and as I dare to say, you are unique!

You have gifts, in a combination that no one else has. Your gifts, together with your life time of demonstrated abilities, skills and experiences, are part of what makes you unique.

I encourage you to get yourself into situations where you can contribute all of yourself, flat out. When you do you’ll find that you can do far more than you’ve ever imagined. Because I know that you can succeed with what you have.

Most people underestimate what can be accomplished in a lifetime. And overestimate what they should do today! Don’t make that mistake.

The world kind of helps if you’re willing to keep at something. The right people and the right situations will come up for you, too, if you persist.

If you’re determined, disciplined and keep trying something new, you’ll figure a way. You’ll make a way! You can get around, past or through your challenges. Affirmations and positive affirmations can pull the deepest benefits of gratitude into your life right now. Dare to affirm the goodness of you, of those surrounding you, and of what you have here and now.

Sometimes you won’t feel like it. That’s when it’s most important to stay the course with the smallest possible actions you can figure out that fit you on such days.

Because it’s not a straight path to success. It can be bumpy.

When you develop affirmations and positive affirmations that draw on gratitude, you can accomplish many things. Look at what you know. Examine your interests. Apply them directly to what you choose as affirmations!

See what tiny true affirmations you can use that will help you in whatever your dreams may be. See what tiny steps may be a part of a dream, while you’re at it.

Break tiny affirmations into groups, and consider how your affirmations of here and now fit with your longer-term goals. Concrete baby affirmations that remind you of what you’re grateful for help you turn dreams into reality.

Over time gratitude will fill you with a continually improving attitude. You’ll internalize a growth mindset. You’ll see what you are doing with deeper insights that will help you in your personal growth. You’ll find peace, joy and delight.

Realize deep down that you can succeed. Allow your positive affirmations to increase your appreciation and gratitude as you move forward.

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