Affirmations are positive
statements that describe a
desired situation. When they
are repeated many times,
they help to impress a positive
energy on the subconscious
mind and trigger it into taking
positive actions.

It is important to know that words hold powerful vibrations. Most people repeat negative words and statements concerning the situations and events in their lives, and the result is a very undesirable situation. Words and statements can both build people up and totally bring them down. It is the way we use them that determines whether they are going to bring positive or negative results.

Learn how you can reframe your thoughts and words and use them to help you shift your vibration and lead a more JOYful life.

A Guide to Affirmations and How to Use Them

What have you been telling yourself lately?

I can't do this.
I am too lazy.
I lack inner strength.
I am going to fail.

Do you ever tell yourself that you are not good enough, smart enough, thin enough, and on and on? Have you been playing it small by shying away from what your spirit needs and desires? Have you been abusing your body with drugs, food, sex, etc? Are you dwelling on the past because you cannot forgive yourself for something?

We don't realize sometimes just how unkind we are being to ourselves. We walk around telling ourselves all kinds of negative, nasty things, and then we expect others to love us... If you begin to listen to those around you (and watch the news on TV), and just observe for a little bit, you'll begin to realize that most of the things that are said are negative, and on top of that, the words are very limiting and reflect patterns that people are stuck in. People love to share their woes, and they love it even more when you jump on the band wagon!

You have to start asking yourself where is this getting you? What type of relationship have you developed with yourself? Is it a kind one? Do you say kind and uplifting things to yourself? Think of it this way, if you were going to motivate a child to get up on a stage and have courage, would you tell her things like, "you are looking really fat today, and oh, by the way, you are going to fail up on stage." Heck no! Well, you better not!

I had a huge ah-ha moment for myself when I caught myself saying, "I am not strong enough." I kept saying it over and over again, and I started to believe that I needed to DO something in order to get stronger. It wasn't until I started meditating that I began to realize that I was responsible for keeping myself stuck in a low place of not feeling as though I had enough inner strength. My ego was winning the battle, and I was allowing it to take charge and keep me in a place of fear. When you become a witness to the reality you are creating through your thoughts and words, suddenly, you turn the tide and become very empowered to creating a better reality. Meditation allows you to create a space in which you can still the ego mind and instead, listen to the spirit. You give your heart a chance to be heard. Words from the heart are never critical or judgmental. They are always loving, forgiving and compassionate.

When you truly surrender and release the negative thoughts and self perceptions, you tell your ego that you no longer buy into fear. You allow your heart to open up and you become willing to choose love over fear. In this moment, you are connecting to your true self, your Spirit!

How to use affirmations:

When you find yourself saying something judgmental or critical, use this as a moment to learn something about yourself. Ask yourself where that thought is coming from and then forgive it. Take it a step further by opening up to your spirit and asking it what it thinks! The ego is hyper-critical, always analyzing, while the heart is all-loving. You get to choose which you want to listen to! Which one is helping you live the life of your dreams? Which one is boosting you with energy and love? Which one is motivating you to create a more joyful life? It becomes easier and easier as you start to realize that your ego is responsible for keeping you stuck in negative patterns that get you nowhere. Only you can decide to step out of your ego and to give your heart a voice!

Affirmations are statements that override the ego. They shatter the negativity and help you reframe your situation. My mom used to always say, "you are what you eat," and in this case, you are what you feed yourself. The words that you take in and believe are what are going to shape your world. So why choose crappy words?!?

Try These Affirmations to Help Shift Vibration

I am responsible for the life I create.

I am willing to let go of my fears and self-doubt.

I surrender to my heart and my spirit.

I forgive myself for living in fear.

I choose to be loving towards myself.

I am grateful for my life.

My spirit is all-loving and knows what's best for me.

I believe my spirit lovingly guides me.

I am love.

I radiate love and happiness.

Begin by saying affirmations each day to start shifting your vibration. Set a reminder on your phone, or use sticky notes to write down affirmations. Practicing meditation or prayer each day is another great way to open up to your heart and allow it to show you more JOY!

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Mandy Hall is a gifted intuitive and medium who has been very open about seeing the “other side” since the age of 5. After many life altering experiences, Mandy decided to set about on a journey of self-realization and found that the more she connected to her spirit, the more healthy her mind, body and spirit felt. She now assists people with reconnecting to their own spirit by working one-on-one with them. Her passion is helping others discover their energy and connect to what she calls their “Inner Genie,” that wise energetic part of them that knows exactly what they want and need. A mystic by nature, Mandy has found that most of life’s answers, happiness, and truths come from a place of intellectual surrender. Her motto is, “It is in our quietest moments, that our hearts can speak the loudest!” An oracle by heart, Mandy’s gift lies in her ability to access deceased loved ones so that they may communicate messages of love, reassurance and wisdom.

Mandy is the founder of the website,, which is a site dedicated to providing practical information and guidance to help people live a happier, connected, more fulfilling life. Articles are dedicated to meditation, spirituality, self-improvement, positive thinking, intuition, inner peace, and connecting to spirit.The mission of the site is to help people reconnect with their spirit so that they can learn to hear their inner voice and find more JOY!

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