Exercising is a great way of reducing body fat and keeping your muscles fit. But as you may already know, not all types of exercises are good for you. Of course, you have to make sure that your body has enough strength to carry out a particular exercise routine. There have been many cases when bodies give out and succumb to injuries because the exercise routine is more rigorous than what the body can muster. There are generally two types of exercises: aerobic and anaerobic. They differ in terms of the routine they contain and the benefits they give.

There are many benefits to aerobic exercise. We all know it will help you lose weight and improve your conditioning but did you know it will also help you:

2. Help with Chronic Illnesses - Helps improve high blood pressure, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Weight bearing aerobic exercises such as walking can also help with osteoporosis.

3. Keep arteries clear of plaque - Regular aerobic exercise helps raise HDL (good cholesterol) and lower LDL (bad cholesterol)

4. Makes your heart stronger - Aerobic conditioning will help your heart move your blood more efficiently. This means you don't need as many beats to do the same amount of work.

5. Improve your mood - Studies show that regular aerobic exercise can reduce tension and ease depression. (I personally know the second to be true)

Aerobic exercise is a physical form of exercise that has a relatively low level of intensity but greatly generates energy. From the term "aerobic", this set of exercises puts emphasis on the use of oxygen as a form of energy that would support your body throughout the exercise routine. Most common forms of exercise under the aerobic category are: treadmill, stationary bicycle, jogging, running, swimming, kickboxing, and circuit training.

There are many benefits of doing aerobic exercises, on top of which is the strengthening of the muscles you need to keep your respiratory system functioning well. The heart muscles are also enlarged and fortified with the required strength to function efficiently. It also reduces the risk for diabetes and for mental conditions. Also, as in most exercise routines, aerobic exercises are great in reducing body fats.

On the other hand, anaerobic exercise is geared more toward the building of strength, power and speed. The exercises under this category are more intense as they target the muscles. Most of these exercises make use of gym equipments like bench presses and weights. Some of the other exercises under the anaerobic category are long distance running, cycling (in distances), boat rowing, sports swimming and cross country skiing.

If you would notice, the difference between these two exercises is the level of intensity they require from you. For aerobic exercises, you need not to exert too much effort because the main idea is for you to utilize the oxygen that you breathe for your body to be able to perform the activities or routines. For the anaerobic exercises meanwhile, your muscles are at work.

Regardless though of the type of exercises that you engage in, it is important that you make sure that your body can adhere to the strength and muscle requirements to avoid being at a risk of injuries.

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