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Nowadays, most of the bloggers are shifting towards WordPress due to ease of use and simplicity. Web hosting is one of the key components of WordPress hosting. Since WordPress is a very lightweight script, you need to have PHP version 5.6 or greater and MySQL version 5.6 or greater for installation.

An ideal WordPress hosting provider needs to provide ample speed, security and reliability. Two of the main hosting options available for the users are Shared WordPress Hosting and Managed WordPress hosting.

Shared WordPress Hosting

Shared hosting is the most popular WordPress hosting for beginners. It is very affordable and is a good starting point for amateur users. In shared hosting, several websites share a big server. By this feature, web-hosting organizations can offer service at affordable rates, so it is a very cost-effective hosting mode. Rigorous marketing effort is required for this hosting mode. The Shared hosting option is available only for new bloggers, new businesses, etc that require small website. Therefore, users get affordable deals, but if the website gets popular then it is mandatory to upgrade.

Some of the advantages of Shared WordPress Hosting are:

  • Cost-effective option.
  • Majority of shared WPoffers easy to use admin panel.
  • Popular companies help the user by providing specialists that manages the maintenance and up time.

There are not many disadvantages of this web hosting, but since the website is put on server with other websites, the user doesn’t have clue regarding the security and privacy of their website. Furthermore, since the resources are divided among hundreds of users, the site speed will get too slow to load when the server experiences some technical glitches. Shared WordPress hosting is the ideal option for small businesses and newbie bloggers.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Due to large number of WordPress users, the web hosting providers often offer managed WordPress Hosting. It is hassle free, fast WordPress hosting and relies upon quality support staff to offer the services. Apart from that, the provider will also optimize the performance.

Some of the advantages of Managed WordPress Hosting are:

  • The server speed is incredibly fast, which drops page load speeds by a second, or more
  • It is very secure as the hosting offers increased security protocols
  • The hosting companies will make sure that the server will be running at the latest software and perform as efficiently as possible
  • Unlike shared hosting, the resources will be shared with less website, therefore the up-time will be increased and the site will be able to use large chunk of server resources.

Few drawbacks of managed WordPress hosting are the high cost, limitation to the usage of certain plugins and restriction to use other CMSs than WordPress. If you are an established blogger and are easy on the wallets, this WordPress hosting can prove to be useful.

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