Website directories accept submissions of all kinds of websites from webmasters. The website directories categorize a large amount of websites into different categories. Many web directories receive a lot of visitors daily who are finding new and interesting information on the internet. By submitting to the directories, you can drive targeted traffic to your site. When your site has more visitors, your conversion rate will increase. Subsequently, it will have a positive impact on the growth of your business.

Manually submitting your website to the directories is important. Though automated submission can help you to submit to the directories in a short time, it will get your site banned from the search engine. When you attempt to get a lot of links in a short time, the search engine will regard you as a spammer. As a result, your site will be penalized. It will be harder to rank on the search engine. Many people assume using automated software to perform the directory submission will never detected by Google. Nowadays, all directories have installed Google Analytics on their site so that Google can easily track submission performed by automated software. You will also be able to spread out the submission process over a few weeks or months.

Manual submission involves visiting every directory one by one and submitting your web site or services manually over and over again. There are many people and companies who will take the hassle of this process away from you and do it on your behalf for a fee. The advantages of manual submission is that the directory entries will be of much higher quality and have a greater result of being accepted and indexed, which in turn will give you a higher quality and number of visitors. Also with manual submission you have much more control over which directories to insert into, therefore you can target any potential niches. Disadvantages of manual directory submission are that it is extremely tiresome and time consuming; also it can be much more expensive than automatic directory submission.

The directory submission service mostly entails surrendering your site to the major search platforms such as Google, MSN, and Yahoo among others. This submission can possibly be done using software and also manually.

The manual submissions are always the best since you can choose the most beneficial links for you. The method is also cost effective. However, you should be ready for a daunting task since you will have to sit down and determine the best sites related to your niche.

Automatic directory submission service is fast but is not favored by most of the major engines. This kind of submission is hosted into several search platforms and directories. It is beneficial to have your site featured in several of them, but the automatic submission is marked as spam and hence rejected by some of them.

Since there are so many directories, you can hire a SEO company to do the submission job for you. You can also outsource the directory submission to a freelancer on the forum. Before hiring a service, make sure the submission will be done manually. Normally, automated submission is much cheaper compare to manual submission.

If the submission price is too low, you should avoid doing business with the company to prevent being cheated. It is safer to purchase the service at a higher price than to lose your money away without the job being done properly. You can also read reviews of the past customers to find out the reputation of the company. If there are too many customers complain about their service, you should avoid signing up with them. If the company has an overall good feedback, you can rest be assured that they will handle the submission work professionally. Before hiring a SEO company, make sure you perform a shopping comparison to compare the prices so that you will make an informed decision.

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