Being among the leading manufacturer of top-notch wellness product range, Dr Morepen also has its premium range of glucose monitors and the most preferred one among these is the (BG-03) as it is undoubtedly a useful one. With a single use of this device a simple blood sugar check would be possible on a daily basis. Dr Morepen Gluco One Monitor with 25 strips kit brings in the highly-advanced biosensor technology to get precise readings. The device is simple to use and requires only 0.5 microlitre blood to get precise readings in less than 5 seconds.

With the larger glucose monitor display you get a much better view with a memory recall capacity of more than 200 outcomes making it an ideal device to collect blood sugar readings. The Gluco One testing monitor that comes with 25 strips is ideal for quantitative measurement of glucose concentration in the entire blood system through healthcare professionals or diabetic patients as an ideal help in diabetes management.

The blood sugar device is intended for outside body usage (for vitro diagnostic use), and isn’t meant for using on arterial blood or neonates. This would be among the fastest responding meters available in the market that reduces the time that diabetics require for spending on blood sugar glucose testing for collecting the accurate outcomes.

A Few Benefits of the Gluco One

  • Morepen Gluco One Monitoring System is ideally designed for house usage
  • You can collect an accurate outcome of 5 seconds by only using 0.5ul sample of blood
  • 300 test results storage capacity
  • Hematocrit range of around 35 – 50%
  • The device has a 3V Lithium battery power supply (CR2032)


Being one of the smallest glucometers available in the market it’s easy to carry anywhere and all your readings can be noted down without facing much hassle. The carrying kit provided with the glucometer is also quite small and contains essentials like warranty card, reference manual, 10 lancets, lancing device, 25 testing glucometer strips, reference manual, a tiny carrying case and the main glucometer device.
If you’re someone who only needs a tiny sample of blood this would be among the most helpful devices for the purpose.

Simple Alternative Testing Feature

Alternative testing can also be done as the meter is already available with alternative testing cap which is included in the monitoring kit of the device.
The device also allows you to set reminders for testing your blood sugar. This feature never lets you skip a sugar test even during the busiest of busiest situations.

Simple to Use

The general issue that arises with most users is the difficulty in usage. All uses are vital as you’ll be able to the meter consistently and the meter would easily be able to solve all blood sugar related concerns. The Dr Morepen Gluco One meter is among the most user friendly meters available in the market and is reasonable just like the accu-check price. The meter displays clear and large digits to get simple readings. The meter has ample of space to navigate through previous readings. With this simplicity and ease of usage we can easily differentiate between average and excellent glucometers.


Dr Morepen Gluco One Monitor with 25 strips kit is one of the best meters that suit well with your diabetic requirements, budget, lifestyle and most importantly something with users can easily feel comfortable while usage.

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