Understanding the business lines of credit
In the case of a small business or a company in its early stages, where the revenue is not high, for those companies during the times of crisis for revenue, it becomes difficult to carry charges of the payroll, HR, and the costs price. In such cases, the business owner has to approach the investors, banks, any other organizations to provide the required financial assistance. In the US, there are various companies that provide funding to small business owners in the meantime in terms of the business lines of credit.

In order to get approved by the organization for the business line of credit, the company should be well established with the IRS or Secretary of State for more than six months. Basically, companies with more time in the market have a higher chance of getting the funds raise. It should also have a healthy earning of revenue or account balances with a good cash flow. For smaller businesses, it should be around $200,000 and $500,000 per year. With this gross revenue, any business can qualify for the unsecured business lines of credit.

Business lines of credit by the US fund source
The US fund source has two type of business credit lines; secured and unsecured. The secured business line of credit, backed by justification and evaluation of the credit limit of the owner of the company. This is provided in the case of businesses related to real estate, inventory, equipment, and similar other categories with a market value that can be evaluated and less risky to deal with. While the unsecured is the most popular business line of credit as it is easier to access and highly efficient. It does not require the owner of the applying company to provide any kind of collateral in order to secure the specific revolving credit limit.

The business line of credit, can be understood in terms somewhat similar to a credit card; accessible to your small business. There are many advantages to the business lines of credit provided by the US fund source. In case of the approval of the immediate funding, no additional paperwork is needed. The processes for applying secured and unsecured credit lines are simple and user-friendly. In order to get the approval for the loan, the only requirements are the business banking statements of the revenue from the last 3 to 6 months before the time of applying, as they are taken into consideration along with a single 1-page electronic application.

In the case of an unsecured business credit line, the requirements also greatly depend on the size and scale of the business model of the company. It is done through financial technology which takes less than 5 minutes. In other cases, the funding does not take more than 24 hours to underwrite and accept the assistance. Thus, a US fund source is access to an immediate source of capital in order to keep your business growing and expanding by the means of business lines of credit.

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The business line of credit, can be understood in terms somewhat similar to a credit card; accessible to your small business.