This article is a commentary on the advantages and disadvantages of video downloaders.

I thought I understood downloaders.

Mind you, I did not have a limited understanding. When I researched both YouTube downloaders and Pinterest downloaders for blog posts I wrote over the summer, the principle was the same:

Find the 3 dots and click them. BAM, your video downloads.

Of course, you want to give source credit. Happily, when you click download, you get access to the source link by clicking the Up arrow.

Copy-paste the link to give credit. Waahlaa!

You don't have to recreate content. You can use other people's content for free, legally, and ethically.

Do you want to see the results of my research:

In June 2021, I researched and wrote about how to download Pinterest video and images:

My post was such a success in search engines (and still is), that I followed it up with how to download YouTube Shorts videos:

The post is my 7th best performing post currently.

I'm not a newbie to videos.

I became an expert video editor from researching how to use video editors like Splice: and Splice alternative video editors:

I also know how to use other video editing apps like Spark Video and Instasize:

So what went wrong?

Life was good! At least it was until this past Thursday.

I was waiting in a long line. I am recently new to TikTok. I thought I'd be a big hit with the #DogLovers if I posted a dog clip I saw on Saturday Night Live.

Could I download it from Pinterest? No.

Could I download it from YouTube?

Again, the answer was No.

It seemed I was being told I couldn't pirate videos.

However, YouTube seemed all too happy to let me download the Saturday Night Live clip if I paid money which I didn't do.

Then, as if this wasn't frustrating enough, my daughter downloaded two TV shows from Netflix over the weekend without a problem!

Perhaps my next article should be about how to download Netflix videos!

Wrapping Up

Although I was disappointed that I had to abandon my plan to download the video, I will try to keep positive spirits which I definitely can do. Check out these good vibes:

Advantages of downloaders: They save you time not having to create new content. Capitalize on other people's creativity. It is true that YouTube has many advantages such as creativity. Here you will find others:

Disadvantages of downloaders: Frustration!

I'm sorry this article didn't offer tips like my articles at SelfGrowth normally do, but I appreciate you allowing me to vent.

I realize I put this post in the Social Media category. If you want social media tips, you will find them here with instructions for social media tagging and hashtag use: and here where it tells you how to chat online. These are free tips:

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