We are living in an era where technology is evolving day by day. The mobile phone has become an important part of our life due to its numerous benefits. Many applications have been introduced to solve our problems. Many features have been introduced in the cell phone for our facility.

The FamiSafe is one of those features which helps us in the keeping the check of the position of the phone with the help of GPS in a few seconds. Your smartphone will work as a GPS navigator and will provide you a lot of advantages. While there are advantages of cell phone tracking, there are some disadvantages as well.


  • Easy to find phone

No one wants to lose their mobile. Our phones are filled with different types of important information, contacts, and personal photos. So losing the phone is a big loss for everyone. People whose phones have been stolen can understand better. Cell phone tracking helps in case if your phone has been stolen as it gives full information about your mobile. It shows your phone's current location along with its movement. In this way, you can easily get the exact location of your mobile phone. If you have misplaced your mobile phone, even then one can track it.

  • Track kids

In today's modern and busy times, it has become difficult for parents to examine their children's movement 24/7. Kids are often busy using mobile phones and because of this parental control app has been launched that helps to monitor kid’s internet activities. There are so many thoughts that may come in the mind of parents such as if they are regular with their daily schedule or what is one doing after school, etc. But don’t worry, it's natural. Testing your children's movement is no longer difficult. With cell phone tracking, parents can check the routine movement of their kids. This is very essential for those who are looking for some changes in their kid's behavior.

  • Connected with friends

Have you ever been on a trip? If you have gone, you will know that it is very difficult to go somewhere else and tell your location and if you are in a crowded place with your friends how would you find them if you lost them? Cellphone tracking keeps you connected with your friends using the map as they can also check the exact location and they can find you easily.

  • Monitor Employees

Without sincere employees, the business cannot run into the path of success. A mismanaged system in business can get you from the path of success. So all business owners need to monitor their employees’ activities. They may disturb your supply chain by increasing unnecessary expenditures. They may reveal the secrets of the business. With a phone tracking app on their business device, you can also monitor their other activities. You can also come to know who is he in contact with even during your working hours.

  • Help in emergency

Using the cell phone tracking can also be safe in case of an emergency. By monitoring your location from the map, the police or fire brigade can access you even if you are unaware of the particular area you've entered in.


  • Works with an active internet

The main disadvantage of phone tracking is that it only works with internet connection. Without internet connection, none of the location can be tracked. Another drawback is that, it needs an active internet connection. A slow internet connection cannot help you to find your exact place.

  • Fail to maintain the privacy

Another disadvantage is that it does not maintain your privacy. Whenever you turn on your internet, you can be tracked by someone to whom you do not want to meet or by someone who wants to target you for theft.

  • Effects on the relashionship

Tracking your child all the time might raise a feeling of disloyalty in your child. This could make your child despondent and question the faithfulness. Your child may no longer trust you which can make both mental and passionate strain. He will also be nervous about meeting new people. The sentiment of being spied is constantly strange and your child may scorn you.

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. It is now up to you to determine whether the use of this tracking system can be adjusted in your social environment. Which cell tracking system are you using? Feel free to share with us in the comment section as below!

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Umar Bajwa is a self-motivated person, a blogging enthusiast who loves to peek into the minds of innovative entrepreneurs.