Nowadays, drain pipe camera is almost a mandatory tool for property owners and building owners. If you don't have one, then you must find out whether the plumber in your neighborhood has such a high-tech camera or not. It would be impossible to imagine drainage pipeline issues to get solved without one. Earlier, the task was perhaps one of the most tiresome, dirty, and time-consuming, for which several laborers were involved. It was also expensive work, and it fills the atmosphere with bad odor and makes a complete wreck of your compound or yard. All this work was done with the hope that the plumber would detect the issue deep inside the drainage pipeline after some time. It also meant that they had to do things without a prior idea of the spot where the real issue lay. So, you can imagine the heartbreaking and expensive moments when something like a clog or damage to the drainage pipeline occurs, which are, for most parts, hidden from sight under the earth.

However, now you have nothing similar to worry about for the plumber needs to make only a small hole and insert the 6.5 mm sewer camera from INSCAMERA into it. The device utilizes a high-tech camera attached to a cable and is fed down into the drain. The plumber gets to see the interiors of the drainage on the computer screen and knows where the hidden issue is located. After this, it is pretty easy for the plumber to get to work in that specific area and solve the problem.

Wide Ranges of Sewer Cameras at INSCAMERA

The INSCAMERA store supplies the widest range of drainage cameras in the world at competitive prices. These devices are manufactured in a well-equipped factory with highly skilled technologists and a dedicated workforce. All the cameras are of high quality and are in good demand from customers from several countries.

The company sells these devices with a 1-year warranty and has been at the forefront, with innovative features and designs for the cameras. If a sewer pipe is clogged, crushed, cracked, bellied, or disconnected completely, the camera from the company can provide high-resolution images on the video screen. You get to see the issue in your drainage line in real time so that the plumber can do the rest of the cleaning, clog removal, and repair of the site easily.

The INSCAMERA sewer camera comes in various designs, sizes, and specifications. You should have a good knowledge about the type of device you need for your specific job. You can consult the company's technical experts, and they will help you find the most suitable inspection camera for your job.

Sharp and High-Resolution Video Camera

The INSCAMERA devices are notable for their efficiency, performance, and clarity of the images transmitted onto the screen. It can go to the interiors of the pipeline system and go through bends, turns, and angles to transmit the images instantly onto your screen.

Apart from the general nature of the clog, the camera can help locate lost rings, jewels, valuables, soap scum, plastic wastes, and also tree roots, etc. It is noteworthy that the tree roots are sometimes the main culprit to cause clog and drain leakages. If not immediately detected and their roots not uprooted, the leakage may get larger over time.

You may place an order for the sewer camera with a locator 512 hz transmitter that can give precise signals while tracking down underground pipes. It can easily detect and locate the issues and their positions accurately. You may get further information from their website, or you may contact their technical experts or their customer care service center.

Specification of Inspection Camera with Locator

You can find the specifications of each of the inspection cameras on the INSCAMERA website. You will find that the pipe inspection robot camera has non-skid tires for stable operation and therefore better for wet and slippery surfaces. You can also easily adjust the driving speed among the three levels, including high, medium, and low.

The device is fitted with a sewer camera with locator and has an all-metal winch automatic wire winding function and a meter count function to track long distances. It can capture moments with a user-friendly interface, which includes a pre-installed software tablet. It also has a DVR function for documenting and recording findings for future use.

It is a complete robotic system with only the need for a few manual functions. The 6.5mm diameter HD camera lens is perfect for pipelines measuring 8.30mm. Another advantage is that it is compact and suitable for most pipelines. Currently, it is used in water supply, cable systems, underground pipelines, air conditioning, vacuum systems, etc. It provides the clearest image among several of its competitors and its high-resolution images are amazing and give you reliable results.


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