ADHD children struggle to pay attention, control their behavior and organize themselves. At school, activities that are simple for most kids like sitting still in the circle or finishing the worksheet are a real challenge for ADHD children. At home, family dinners are not peaceful and getting ready on time in the morning is frustratingly complicated.

Once diagnosed, parents look for a solution that will make it easier for these children to be successful, while providing an excellent quality of life in and out of school. Researching ADHD treatment brings up a lot of questions: Which is better: sustained release or immediate release capsule? What side effects will this treatment cause? What is the difference between x medicine and y medicine? Is there a natural solution that really works? What changes can I reasonably expect in my child?

ADHD and the Brain

Experts are still not clear on the exact causes of ADHD. It is believed that a variety of factors including genetic, biological and regulation are involved. However, it has been observed that brain waves fire at a variety of speeds. When the brain shoots out waves at a rate of 15-18 per second, a person is able to pay attention and concentrate on both interesting and boring activities. ADHD Children typically have slower moving waves that fire between 4-7 times a second thus shortening the attention span for activities that they consider boring even though they have great attention for interesting things.

A Common Pharmaceutical Solution

One of the most frequently recognized ADHD treatment options is Methylphenidate. This is most commonly known as Ritalin, but it is also the main ingredient in Ritalin SR, Metadate, Concerta, and Daytrana. Ritalin SR, Metadate CD and Concerta have extended release mechanisms that allow the methylphenidate to be released over time. Daytrana is methylphenidate in a patch form.

Methylphenidate is a stimulant that increases the brain wave activity to a rate that facilitates focus, attention and concentration while it is in the system.

While this option works for many people, others seek a more permanent solution without the side effects or long term use of medication.

A Natural Solution

Ways to boost the brain wave speed without pharmaceuticals exist. One proven, natural ADHD treatment involves increasing the brain’s millisecond timing to a gifted level. This can be achieved at home using a computer program and performing specific movements on a synchronized beat.

After two months of consistent training, the student’s ability to think faster and make decisions faster leads to permanent progress in areas that often affect ADHD children: attention, impulsivity, self-control, focus, organization, and completing tasks on-time.

In fact, a 2003 study published in the American Journal of Occupational Therapy found that increasing the brain’s millisecond timing in boys with ADHD resulted in a statistically significant improvement in “Attention, Motor control and coordination, Processing speed, Language processing, Reading, Consistency of responses, [and a] Decrease in aggressive behavior.”


It is important to evaluate the ADHD treatment children are taking. If children are affected by side effects, not behaving like themselves or feeling no apparent changes, then seek out an alternative answer. With the right solution, ADHD children can be successful and happy in school and in life.

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